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Are you prepared? For almost anything? Or do you have no idea where to even start?

Maybe you consider yourself an expert prepper already, but you don't have the basics down. Maybe you're just a complete beginner. No matter how long you've been prepping, we all make mistakes. It's natural. It's human. But there are ways you can learn from others and avoid the same mistakes that we all make, to get your prepping started off on the right foot. This book will help you get started in every category you need to jumpstart your prepping.

If you are interested in learning how to protect your family from any and all of the inevitable disasters that could potentially happen, this book is your first step to learning how to prepare for any emergency situation.

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Slade: A Survival Memoir

When disaster struck, Slade Thompson chose to stay behind during the evacuations. Being a hobby prepper, he was certain he had enough supplies to last at least a year, besides, everyone would be back in a few weeks, right?

Weeks have turned to months, and Slade is left with no idea why the people (and electricity) have failed to return. Dealing with his lack of supplies is quickly becoming an issue, and Slade is forced to venture out of the safety of his home in search of some.

What happens when he goes beyond the safe borders of his yard? Is he really as safe as he'd thought? How does Slade react when his neighborhood and home are threatened by raiders?

Fact and Fiction: A Survival Novel

After a disaster that wiped out the East Coast, a vegetarian survivalist fiction writer and his family retire to the shores of a local lake to wait out the anarchy before the relief effort. The fiction he wrote becomes his reality as he relies on his books to give him the knowledge he needs to build....

Joshua Bennington
hr min
December 9
Our Pack Press