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In Becoming a Dad, you’ll discover:

How obstetricians and midwives look at 40 weeks of pregnancy to help you know in advance what is happening in your partner’s mind and body, and how your child develops in the womb.
How to avoid the most common parental leave mistake 99% of first-time parents fall into and the simple solution to prevent catastrophic loss.
The little-known secret about nursery and spaces! This includes a special detailed list of essential gear and the "one thing" you must attentively check that could make the difference between life or death!
Money management tips from expert financial planners on saving, insurance, and retirement; this alone will save you $23,890 (according to The College Board) and sleepless nights!
How to get into a deep, soul-pleasing rapport with your lover….
The most important thing you should do before childbirth. Missing this crucial step can take a serious toll on your relationship! You can find many affordable options in CHAPTER 3...Talking About The Future
The 5 latest science-based solutions about diet and activities in pregnancy to maintain mental and physical fitness for your partner which also help to prepare for childbirth. Start picking up healthy habits you’ll want to pass on to your child.


As a bonus, you’ll get The Bump Hospital Bag Checklist! 

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Carol Grace Anderson
hr min
January 27
Lisa Marshall

Customer Reviews

Arturo C Ebert ,

Helps future dad understand what’s going on

We were gifted this audiobook when we first announced our pregnancy.... and now I buy it for all of my friends as they announce their pregnancies! As our pregnancy progresses, my husband and I listened this book together. We look forward to reading it together and I truly think it helps him understand what I’m going through both physically and emotionally. This makes pregnancy more comfortable, you will feel less worried about his little knowledge… Believe me, Buy this audiobook.

Susan Farkas ,

This audiobook is perfect for both moms and dads!

This audiobook so far is better than ANY book geared towards moms or first time parents. We are first time parents, and this audiobook has been extremely informative. Many of the books I've read/listened to that are geared towards moms are... kind of scary honestly. I find myself second guessing symptoms because of a stupid book, instead of being stress free, which is what expectant mommies need. Also, most "first time mom" books i've read paint a male partner as a worthless dummy with a penis. My husband isn't dumb, he's just not properly informed. THIS AUDIOBOOK fills in ALL of the gaps we BOTH need, and leaves out any and all fear mongering. We are listening chapters by the weeks of pregnancy. I find it also validates the things that other books have failed to do. I highly HIGHLY recommend this book to ANYONE who needs to be properly educated without being scared to death about "potential complications". My husband is wonderful, but sometimes i find him standing around like a sim without commands. This audiobook helps let him know week by week, month by month, trimester by trimester how he can contribute towards OUR pregnancy. It gives him the power and confidence he needs to contribute without ME ordering him around [honestly, i'm too tired and hormonal to even do that, and i know other moms would be too]. I can't praise this book enough. GET IT NOW! :)