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Are you a parent? So your child's education is a priority.

Most of the times this importance overshadows several other factors that build a child's personality in an impressive manner. Being one of those parents, if you are the one then this audiobook perfectly belongs to you.

As a parent, I myself am well aware of the value that morality contains. The moral values that we instill in our children or intend to transfer are definitely very much important. This is the reason that motivated me to develop a set of stories for children to educate them morally. This struggle became my passion and finally, I planned to write a book to serve this purpose.

In my book, messages about values are integrated. The messages are related to what any parent wants to embellish their child.

Here is the list of the morals that you find:

Engaging in hard-working attitude for the sake of success
Guiding them about how being generous brings a lot of blessings in your way 
Promotion of friendship makes life worthwhile 
Maintaining a warm bond with family earns a lot of social support for long-term survival 
Learning how to help others in life will benefit them as well as us. This will be useful where a person needed to show how much it means to love and care for each other
The behavior must be corrected for own worth and respect
Telling them how kindness leads to the achievement of the desired rewards
Culture, education, and knowledge should be used to attract the finest gifts in life
Strength is about how courageous you are for mankind. Size, identity, appearance, status doesn't matter. Above all the materialistic things and labels we find the real us as a human being

And there will be many other morals that you receive via this product specially designed to serve you.

Find the maximum fun and relaxation for your kids and provide them with a joyful learning time to add goodness in their life. 

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Kids & Young Adults
Erin Jones
hr min
August 3
Fairy Tales For Family