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Do you remember bedtime stories as a child?

Can you still recall the feelings of relaxation and happiness you felt before you dropped off to sleep?

Would you like to return to days like that and unwind from the stresses of everyday life at bedtime?

There is a reason that we read to children at bedtime. It helps them to have happy thoughts of adventures and fun that enable them to calm their minds and promotes better, more restful sleep. This helps them get the sleep they need before they face the next day that will likely be filled to capacity with learning. For adults, it works in much the same way, allowing us to relax from the stresses and strains of our jobs or easing worries we may have, so that we are ready to take them on with renewed vigor.

This book Bedtime Stories for Adults has been created for those of us who have minds so active that we find it hard to drop off. Inside, you will discover a wide range of great stories that will help you:
Find a state of deep relaxationEnter realms of pure imaginationGet the sort of rejuvenating sleep you really needRelease any negative thoughts you may haveEase the stress that builds up dailyBe ready with increased energy for the next dayRemember what life should be likeAnd more...
Including mindfulness exercises like deep breathing and inductive trance, these stories provide their own unique mindscape for the listener that will promote the sort of sleep that is essential for us all and which prepares us physically and mentally for the daily demands placed upon us.

If that sounds good to you, get Bedtime Stories for Adults and see how it could change your sleep behavior.

Kids & Young Adults
Patricia Bullock
hr min
December 8
Elliott J. Power

Customer Reviews

Mario Wilson556 ,

A book that puts you to sleep!

A varied and intetesting mix of relaxing short stories and extracts when you are feeling tired or can't cope with a longer book. I enjoyed the collection and variety.