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Is Commercially-Made Honey Just Not Good Enough for You?

Ever wanted to explore beekeeping? Sick and tired of sugar mixed syrups? Want to start your own honey farm?

It is often mistaken that beekeeping is costly and dangerous. Not only that, the misconception that keeping bees is actually damaging to the environment!

Nine out of 10 honeys available on the market shelves are not real honey.

Why not...harvest your own honey?

You will learn how you too can benefit from the industry of honeybees. This may involve you learning a little industry yourself, as you gain knowledge of what honeybees are, how they work, how you can work with them, and how you can gain joy out of beekeeping. We will take you through the ins and outs of this pastime, from the basics of honeybees to beekeeping equipment, handling honeybees, and maintaining the hive over the winter. We will even review some of the frequently asked questions that men and women often have about beekeeping.

But first, it is important for the beginner to learn a little bit more about bees, honeybees in particular, as they will be your friends throughout this long journey. Many of you plan to set up a beehive in your backyard, so it would behoove you to learn a little more about your future neighbors. Therefore, we will begin our beekeeping journey with an introduction to honeybees.

In this book you will find:

Introduction to honeybees, including the different honeybee species and how honeybees are different from other bees
Honeybee social structure and life cycle
Honeybee communication
The ins and outs of honeybee equipment
The basic equipment you will need to set up your hive
Attracting bees and obtaining a queen
Harvesting honey and wax from your hive
Inspecting your hive
The costs of setting up and maintaining a hive
Protecting yourself and other safety concerns
Seasonal issues in beekeeping

Attention! This book is not for everyone!

This book is not for people:

Who hate pure organic honey
Who don’t enjoy nature
Who don’t enjoy the satisfaction of growing their own colony of bees

William Bahl
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May 6
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