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In this latest atmospheric thriller, Kurt Wallander and his daughter, Linda, join forces to search for a religious fanatic on a murder spree.

Just graduated from the police academy, Linda Wallander returns to Skane to join the police force, and she already shows all the hallmarks of her father - the maverick approach, the flaring temper. Before she even starts work she becomes embroiled in the case of her childhood friend, Anna, who has inexplicably disappeared.

As the case that her father is working on dovetails with her own, something far more dangerous than either could have imagined begins to emerge. They soon find themselves forced to confront a group of extremists bent on punishing the world's sinners.

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Mysteries & Thrillers
Cassandra Campbell
hr min
June 19
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

tune-in ,

Is It Just Me?

Glowing reviews convinced me to purchase this book, and those very reviews have me wondering, "Is it just me, or did I get the wrong book?" I found this book wrong on so many levels. For the bulk of work by this author, I found the writing in Before the Frost surprisingly unpolished and amateurish, akin to reading a rough draft. Clumsy and awkward, confusing narratives, random and pointless events and thoughts that pass as professional writing (i.e. detective investigating arson states, "I know fires don't just start themselves."), a choppy pace exacerbated by a flat and undimensional interpretation by the reader for the audio, an uncreative disjointed plot with a climax equivalent to a hiccup. I realize this is a series-book from an author with a large fan base SO, before you give negative stars for this review (!) I will state that the author's original work was probably altered by the translatation. But, I feel the need to give an honest customer review; I just found this book thoroughly disappointing in every way possible.

ldtporte ,

Did you read another book?

I thought this book was great. True, it was more upbeat that some of Mankell's more recent Kurt Wallander books but I loved it. The telling from Linda's point of view was a nice change.

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