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Have you ever felt there might be a presence watching over you? Have you ever tried to reach beyond the veil of typical human comprehension in an effort to understand the supernatural? Discover who your archangel is and how to invoke archangels.

For those who are fascinated by a world beyond our own or those who have ever felt alone in the universe, it can be reassuring to think that there might be someone or something watching over you. For many people, these silent watchers are the archangels. Over many centuries and across many cultures, people have often recognized the existence of archangels. In various societies, they have often received different names. With a similar function and role across the world, they are often protective spirits. They reach out to us mere mortals and offer protection, guidance, reassurance, and the hope that there might be something more to life that just what we see in the world around us. In these instances, the existence of archangels is a fiercely personal and essential phenomena. But how can you move yourself closer to the world of the archangels? While some people find comfort in conventional religion, the modern interpretation of angels can often offer us the chance to become involved with the divine in a truly different way. Over the course of the last centuries, we have developed and refined our knowledge and understanding of the archangels. This has culminated in what we know today. For anyone who is interested in bolstering their relationship with their archangel, this book will aim to offer real insight. Not only will we look at the history of archangels, but we will be able to delve deeper into how exactly they can be summoned and how they can play a role in your life. If you have ever wondered about how exactly you can form a relationship with your archangel, this is the book for you. Listen on to discover more about the magick of the archangels.

Religion & Spirituality
Charles D. Baker
hr min
February 7
Conrad Bauer

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