Bermuda: A Gripping Suspense Thriller (Unabridged) Bermuda: A Gripping Suspense Thriller (Unabridged)

Bermuda: A Gripping Suspense Thriller (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $17.99

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Headlights cut through a hot summer night along a backroad in Central Florida. The driver flicks his eyes constantly from the road ahead to the rearview mirror, his heart pounding as he expects to see the heatless glow of another pair of lights closing in on him. The driver is George Wilman, a chemical engineer from a covert facility. Well, he was.  

Now George is on the run.

After discovering that a breakthrough water treatment project that he was developing was only one part of a sinister plan, George blew the whistle and fled. His salvation is dependent upon his wits and guile. As he heads north, his body fraught with anxious electricity, a voice speaks to him, nearly causing him to lose control. There is, however, no one in the car with George. No, the voice is coming through the emergency response system that is integrated in the vehicle. The voice urges George to return to the facility "for his own good."

They know where he is. They know which way he's headed. They can track his every move.

Elsewhere we meet Herman Ingram, a cynical independent journalist who runs his own news site. For years Herman plied his trade in Washington, D.C., but disillusion swallowed his spirit and drove him out. After a cryptic call from his mentor, Herman receives a mysterious package from a town in Florida that he's never heard of: Bermuda.

Inside the curious parcel, Herman finds printouts of email conversations and project directives along with samples of a strange material. While he is initially wary of the package's contents and its sender, things soon come to light that lead Herman to believe that the story painted by these items might be true. Driven by the desire to right a wrong from his past, Herman sets out to find the truth about just what it is that is going on in the odd little town that the package originated from.

How far will these men go to shine a light into the darkness and reveal the truth?

Mysteries & Thrillers
Fred Greenspan
hr min
February 6
Joseph Bohn