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Why you must get the BETTER MEMORY NOW by Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly, Improve Memory, and Ability to Focus Book to help you with your school studies, business, social, and personal life, RIGHT NOW!

You will see dramatic memory improvement in your ability to memorize and remember all sorts of information including school material for students, business information for professionals, names and faces, memory competition material for memory athletes, and more if you follow the simple to learn three-step AE Mind Memory System!     

Luis Angel went from having ADD and memory problems to competing in several International Memory Competitions and as part of Team USA in the World Memory Championship. When you get this book today, you will be learning from one of America's top memory coaches how to apply the creative memory techniques that the top memory athletes use in order to use memorize any information quickly!  

Here are the chapters in the book:  

SECTION I - THE AE MIND MEMORY SYSTEM Ch 1- HI! My name is Luis Angel and My Memory Sucked! Ch 2 - Location Ch 3 - Visualize Ch 4 - Review 

SECTION II - POSITIVE MIND FOR SUCCESS Ch 5 - Mindset Ch 6 - Goals, Block Time, and Scheduling Ch 7 - Focus and Health  

SECTION III - MEMORY TRAINING Ch 8 - More Locations = More Storage Ch 9 - Names and Faces Ch 10 - Numbers: The Basics Ch 11 - Numbers: Double Digits Ch 12 - Everyday Memory - Grocery Lists, Placed Keys, Parked Car, Directions, Appointments and Important Dates Ch 13 - Accelerated Learning and Education - Vocabulary Words, Reading and Comprehension, Give Speeches, Learn New Languages, Memorize Presidents, Memorize Table of Elements, and more....  

Section IV - MEMORY ATHLETES Ch 14 - Memory Competitions Ch 15 - Cards Ch 16 - Words Ch 17 - Numbers: Binary, New System, and Dates Ch 18 - Names and Faces: Competition  

"I can't wait to help you accelerate and empower your mind!" (Luis Angel Your Memory Coach)

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Luis Angel Echeverria
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October 25
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