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Create the life you were meant to live! Zig Ziglar is "the" premier motivational communicator, having inspired millions worldwide with his stirring seminars and top-selling books like See You at the Top! But this time, Zig offers up an audiobook that cuts deeper and burns brighter than any success book before it—one that transcends even his own previous work and challenges you to new levels of excellence and achievement.

On the topic of living a life of motivation, passion and peak performance, nobody knows it better than Zig, and nobody tells it better than Zig. Spoken in his trademark style, this signature audio isn't just about success now, excellence tomorrow or even motivation for next month, but about long-term results based on the time-tested skills, values, goals and attitudes that really work.

He also presents, for the first time, the secrets he has recently discovered for getting—and staying—motivated your whole life long. This is the very best of Zig, brought together in one volume to help you be all you can be. Listen as America's mentor instructs and inspires you to create the better-than-good life you were meant to live.

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Zig Ziglar
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January 2
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Customer Reviews

bonsaigirl ,

Zig Ziglar is one of the best

I've bought several audiobooks by Ziglar and they've all been phenomenal. They're not the kind of audiobooks that you just listen to one time. His humor and anecdotes keep my attention well. Zig Ziglar drives home the point that true success is only possible if you have honesty, integrity, character, faith, and loyalty...and I believe him because his word has enormous credibility with me. If you are goal-oriented and ambitious, but don't want to step all over others to win at the game of life, I think you may find him refreshingly different. If you want to listen for free, you can also check out the free weekly Ziglar Podcast on I*Tunes.

Beekums ,

Best Zig for everyone of us

Much of Zig Ziglar's work is aimed at sales professionals, but I learned about him from someone who work's as a family therapist. Her father had been raised in a very negative environment, and was taught that no matter how hard he worked, he was likely to fail. Then one day things did go terribly wrong for him. But he broke the pattern set by his own father by going out and looking for inspiration, and he found it in Zig Ziglar. Years later, she said listening to Zig's messages as a teenager, gave her a can-do attitude about life. A message made real by her father's own success at digging himself out of a bankrupt farm, and into a new business in agriculture. Her father and Zig led her to assume that she would succeed at anything she really cared about. Life threw her some lemons too, but she remains one of the most positive, determined people I've ever met, which led me to give Zig a try.

Better Than Good is by far his best, all-around effort to combine what he knows about living ethically, working ethically and measuring yourself against what is right, not by what satisfies one's vanity. I recommend this recording (and his CD on Goals) for anyone aged 10 to 100. He might be the wise old grandfather you never met, or the business mentor you never benefitted from. Zig is not a man to simply hand you a pair of rose-colored glasses and tell you to smile. He explains in real not just philosophical terms, how if you will just help enough other people in life, you will succeed in work, family and life.

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