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A foreign prince on the run, a local girl in a serious jam, and a ’65 Mustang headed for Georgia. What could go wrong?


Leo: How my brother talked me into ditching our security team and embarking on this ridiculous adventure, I haven’t a clue. But it’s my duty to keep the idiot safe - something made even more difficult now that we’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with a local mechanic as our only hope. But this wrench-wielding beauty has problems of her own and a smile that might make me forget my obligations entirely.


Ruby: With one look at Leo Baxter, I know down to my cherry-painted toenails that he and his pain-in-the ass brother are nothing but trouble. Given my family’s dire circumstances, however, I’ve got little choice but to take these rich country-club rejects up on their offer. A fat stack of cash in exchange for a ride through the mountains. How bad could it be?


Between a Rock and a Royal is book one in a duet and is not a stand-alone title. To complete Leo and Ruby's story, download Blue Bloods and Backroads (book 2).

Meagan Moses
hr min
October 31
Sylvie Stewart

Customer Reviews

jen anderson148 ,

Adored this book!

I loved this rom com, and enjoyed it even more because of the voice actors. The accents were on point, and it draws you in to the story at another level! Absolutely grab a copy! I can’t wait to listen to the second half of this story...

Bette H ,

Great Story & Narration🎧 Sweet, Spicy & Fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is well written and well told with original storylines that captivated me from start to end. Sylvie Stewart created a delightful story here, I loved how well plotted it is and what it is all about, southern charm meets royalty and goes on a road trip. The characters are amazing, you can not help but fall for them, the two brothers, Leonardo and Malcolm, are like night and day and then there is Ruby Green, a character like no other and one to admire. Got to love her car too. There is never a dull moment in this book, there is drama, a bit of angst, some great humor, heartfelt moments and some hot romance. The book does end in a cliff hanger, so be sure to have the next one on standby so you are ready to pick it right up. Thank you Sylvie Stewart for another great story, I am looking forward to the what comes next for Leo & Ruby and Malcolm, who I am hoping talks some sense into Leo.

I listened to the Audible edition, Meagan Moses is a wonderful narrator and voice artist. She brings these characters to life, gives each their own voice and personality. She does a great job with the different accents, Ruby’s southern charm and Leo & Malcolm’s British accent. She sets the perfect tone for the story, capturing and landing the humor, the drama of the story, the emotions of the characters are projected into her performance as well. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this great listen🎧