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Since it was first introduced in the multi-million-copy best seller The Goal, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC) has emerged as one of the most flexible and effective approaches to management and problem solving in the corporate world. Now taught in business schools everywhere and successfully used in companies of all sizes around the world, TOC has changed the way a generation of professionals maximize profits and resources by focusing on and clearing the constraints that get in their way.

In Beyond The Goal, Dr. Goldratt elaborates on his profoundly influential theories in a straightforward, practical, and pragmatic presentation designed to help you put these powerful ideas to valuable use. Speaking with the brilliance and insight that has made him a sought-after teacher and top consultant, Dr. Goldratt addresses some of the most asked-about elements of understanding and applying TOC, including:

The basic assumptions of TOC
Why management assumptions must be changed to obtain lasting, bottom-line results
What is necessary and sufficient to establish a foundation for future success
The rules of operations, project management, and distribution
How to implement TOC as a holistic approach to continuous improvement

Whether you're new to Dr. Goldratt's philosophy, or a TOC veteran looking for fresh strategies for turning turn concepts into consequences, Beyond The Goal makes it abundantly clear why joining the Theory of Constraints revolution has never been easier, or more important for your company and your career.

Business & Personal Finance
Eliyahu M. Goldratt
hr min
February 10
Gildan Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

JohnLM ,

A few pictures would help

If a picture is worth 1000 words, I felt shorted a few thousand words on this audiobook. It was recorded from a presentation in which Goldratt obviously is pointing to charts or illustrations as he is talking. Without the image he refers to the listener is forced to imagine for him/her self what is being described; this happens about a dozen times during the program. Nevertheless, the content of the audiobook is excellent, the author is compelling and the concept is powerful. A good read. (By the way, I had not read "The Goal" which is referenced frequently and I did not feel disadvantaged as a result.)

aguice ,

Great elaboration and background...

This audio presentation directly from Dr. Goldratt gives fantastic background info into his process of discovering the value of TOC. He elaborates with clear examples how to benefit from TOC. Read "The Goal" first - it will make more sense.

xpuserpjc ,

Missing Powerpoint files

Note, this audio book does not have the accompanying zip file that contains the Powerpoint slides used in this recorded lecture. In the beginning of this audio, the Gildan Audio announcer mentions the "eighth disc is an enhanced disc that contains both sound and data files... text and visual files that accompany the program."

Since I've seen "data booklets" included with music artists here on iTunes, these files should be available for this audio book but are not.

After purchase and download, I see three chapter files. I would assume the content of the 8 CDs is fully included. (I am only part-way in as I write this.)

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