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How many times have you looked around an airport terminal and wondered if one of those strangers could be “the one”?

Sophie Specter didn’t have to wonder. When she lowered her magazine, there he was. He was tantalizingly mysterious and his devilish charm was inescapable. He would have been perfect except for the way he picked up on the things that a beautiful, small town girl tried to hide.

“I bought you a muffin,” the stranger said.

“Who does that?” she wondered. Didn’t he believe that she could buy her own? Could he see that she couldn’t?

But the heat between two gorgeous strangers is hard to ignore. In this moment, the secrets they both had didn’t have to matter.

Flirtation led to lust. A stop-over was all that was needed for their flicker of passion to combust. Their moment could have lasted forever if it weren’t the secrets that would drive them apart.

But, could what they have be love? Could what was started in a chance encounter at an airport, last forever? Was their meeting even chance at all?

Sophie had no idea what she was in for when she lowered her magazine and found the well-tailored stranger. And staring into his sultry eyes for the first time, she could not have guessed how her life would change next.

Alex Anders
hr min
December 6
RateABull Publishing

Customer Reviews

CardGodoy ,

Good book

I liked the book, it was exciting. But bummed out about the end. Wish more would of been wrote. Kind of a happily ever after ending, but with no detail. I guess it was a book that Kind of left you wondering what happens next. 😒


Nice Short Story

I love to people watch at airports so I'll probably people watch a little more closely now. ;)

I really enjoyed hearing the author narrate his book.

Abakannskaldc ,

Poorly written and poorly read

Not worth listening to, even if it were free. The reader's voice made it sound like a joke, especially when doing a higher-pitched woman's voice. Impossible to get interested with so many ridiculous sentences, e.g., "she freed his pilot from his cockpit" and jokes about wearing women's underwear, so mainly the book resulted in laughter rather than any interest.

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