Blog: 3-in-1 Bundle: The Best Method to Realize a Profitable Blog by Growing Your Community 10x for Making Money Online in Several Ways (Unabridged‪)‬

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So many people don’t really realize how a blog can become world-famous by writing perfect viral posts. They think of blogging as a useless and outdated activity to do because they don’t understand that a blog is one of the most available and monetizable methods of mass communication and that it will remain one of the tops for many years.

This dumb belief is created by thinking blogs are text-only platforms, and this is really stupid. In a blog, it is possible to integrate all the other performing platforms and group them in a unique and high-impact space. 

Besides being a SEO expert and a writer, Mark Gray is a successful online marketer and one of the top bloggers in the US. So his main focus is obviously about making money exploiting organic and paid traffic.

The goal of these practical manuals is to help the students who have a blog to finally understand how to get 10 times the fans everyday and to get paid.

What these manuals don't include:

The evolution of blogging - because no one cares and it is easily found online.
How to make a sloppy blog - because this is not an average audiobook.
Inapplicable techniques - because my students want to explosively grow their fame, and dumb theories do not help.
Slowest methods - because my students do not want to lose their time.

Studying a giant, incomprehensible volume full of useless advice is not what you need. These smart manuals will provide you with all the really practicable steps to get your blog world-famous and to get paid.

If you offer what readers want to see, you will be rewarded. Obviously, If not you do not, you could be penalized.

What these manuals include:

How to pick the blog platform - to get more awareness and to understand the various differences and your specific needs.
How to choose the right niche - get guaranteed true fans.
How to create the perfect post - with the step-by-step method.
Discover the most profitable blogs - analyze the business models.
How to really generate traffic - which path you want to take.
How to build a brand - built on your person and your ideas.
How to understand your audience - use data to take decisions.
How to really generate money - which path you want to take.

Extra: Understand how to create the design in the right way and have the most loyal readers as possible.

In addition to these first sections of the manuals, the students will be allowed to access the most advanced and applicable blogging techniques to exploit Google and Facebook and get paid.

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November 29
Mark Gray