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Your first blog - a 30-day challenge: how to set it up, write your first posts, and keep creating content.

The challenge: Start a blog and create a revenue stream within 30 days. Sound easy? Starting a blog is relatively easy; just about anyone can do it. Building a profitable blog, on the other hand, requires so much more than just a love for writing or finding something about which you are interested in talking. Blogging has become more complex over the last years. While many of the early blogs could generate a following and turn a profit within just a few months, today it has become a bit more of a science to get the formula just right and to follow a set of instructions that will help your blog see success.

The first step toward creating a successful blog is to understand the what makes a blog successful as opposed to one that will see just a handful of visitors each month and making, at best, a few cents from banner ads plastered around the site. In the first step, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of blogging, what kind of blog you will be creating, the financial side of blogging, as well as an introduction to the 30-day blogging challenge. Further along, we will take you through the steps in getting started with your first blog, choosing the very important niche, coming up with a name and domain for your blog, and how these will affect the future of your website.

Here’s what you’ll find in the audiobook: 

Fundamentals of blogging
Creating your first blog
 Creating content
Setting up your back end
So much more!

When you download Blogging: A 30 Day Challenge to Set Up Your Blog Make Your First $ in Less Than One Month, it will be the first step on your journey to start your own first blog. Buy this audiobook today!

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Business & Personal Finance
Phillip J. Mather
hr min
May 6
Gerhard Werling