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Author of the National Book Award winner All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy is one of the most provocative American stylists to emerge in the last century. The striking novel Blood Meridian offers an unflinching narrative of the brutality that accompanied the push west on the 1850s Texas frontier. His birth ended his mother’s life in Tennessee. Scrawny and wiry, he runs away at the age of 14. As he makes his way westward, the impoverished and illiterate youth finds trouble at every turn. Then he’s recruited by Army irregulars, lured by the promise of spoils and bound for Mexico. Churning a dusty path toward destiny, he witnesses unknown horrors and suffering—and yet, as if shielded by the almighty hand of God, he survives to breathe another day. Earning McCarthy comparisons to greats like Melville and Faulkner, Blood Meridian is a masterwork of rare genius. Gifted narrator Richard Poe wields the author’s prose like a man born to speak it.

Richard Poe
hr min
January 1
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Customer Reviews

"Toadvine" ,

This is the greatest audiobook ever! Period!

This is Cormac McCarthy's Opus. There is no better western and there is no better audiobook! Richard Poe is the best! Buy it now you fool... buy it or Davey Brown will take you, he will take you....like a bride to the altar!

Cubsfan9469 ,

Not only a book....

Not only is this a great book, but the album: Last Pale Light in the West, by Lucero lead singer, Ben Nichols is a album written entirely about this book! Both are excellent pieces of work. If you know of Lucero's music, you will love this book and you should definatly check out Nichols solo work. The band Lucero, well if you love music you will LOVE Lucero!!! If you dont, well.....you just have bad taste in music....

Plow Threwum ,

NOT 19 hours long

This book resets at about hour 6 and starts over. It is NOT 19 hours long, and for 31 bucks, not worth the price.

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