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Publisher Description

Zach Barrows is an ambitious young White House staffer whose career takes an unexpected turn when he's partnered with Nathaniel Cade, a secret agent sworn to protect the President. But Cade is no ordinary civil servant. Bound by a special blood oath, he is a vampire. Cade battles nightmares before they can break into the daylight world of the American dream, enemies far stranger-and far more dangerous-than civilians have ever imagined. 
Blood Oath is the first in a series of novels featuring Nathaniel Cade-the President's vampire.

"Christopher Farnsworth's taut thriller Blood Oath is an irresistible page-turner.... A complex and unnervingly realistic tale in which vampire Nathaniel Cade is far less of a monster than his human colleagues at the CIA and FBI. Dazzlingly clever."The Washington Post

"Blood Oath is exactly how I like my Presidential thrillers. With vampires."—Brad Meltzer, author of The Book of Fate

"Blood Oath is the vampire novel that finally gets it right. Christopher Farnsworth has done his homework in places where most writers wouldn't even know to look-and the result is a rollicking tale of the supernatural grounded in some of the true oddities of American history. If Dan Brown wrote a vampire thriller, this would be it."—Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America

"As someone who thinks Stoker's Dracula has never been bettered, and who would happily stick a stake through the heart of most modern vampire fiction, it almost pains me to say how much I enjoyed Blood Oath. Witty, exciting, and compulsively readable, with a central character who seems destined to become a favorite of both skeptics and true blood believers, this may just be the best debut vampire novel in many years."—John Connolly, author of The Lovers

Mysteries & Thrillers
Bronson Pinchot
hr min
May 18
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

bethvalkenburg ,

a good vampire yarn.

good fun and addictive! i really enjoyed this one. i'm hoping it becomes a series. i could read more with these characters. and you gotta love that it even had some zombie action! does it get any better then vampires AND zombies????

kris7 ,

Very clever, fast-paced, and fun!

I had heard about this book on NPR. While the idea of a supernatural creature working in National Defense has been done before (Hellboy and Hellsing anyone?), Farnsworth still delivers a captivating novel that interweaves history, legends, conspiracy theory, and current events all into one furiously fast-paced package that will hold your attention. Most of the characters are rather stock (stoic loner anti-hero, grizzled veteran, mouthy sidekick, mad scientist, etc.) but the pace and the plot make it easy to overlook those flaws.

Another thing that works well is how deeply it delves into details about the vampire Cade: we learn his history, motivations, values, methods, strengths, weaknesses and even his physiology. Many of the early chapters include snippets from sources that are real, fictional, or a melding of the two: for example a recording of a paranoid Nixon wanting to use Cade to silence critics. We also hear Cade refer to an order made by a Eisenhower forbidding the use of reanimated corpses in National Defense; a very fitting fictional decree from the President who coined the term "Military Industrial Complex". Even the current administration is woven into the storyline: President Curtis is basically Obama with a Southern twang in his voice, but his VP Wyman is a vicious old geezer, a lot more like Cheney rather than the clumsy but affable Biden.

This audiobook is read beautifully by Bronson Pinchot. He gives each character very distinctive voices that work really well. He especially excels in his portrayal of Cade: very soft spoken, at times almost flat or monotone, but still exuding menace and intimidation like a gleaming knife. You really feel Cade's presence when he speaks, it drives home the image of a very tall, handsome, muscular, but intimidating man you wouldn't want to mess with. That is no small feat.

All in all, if you are sick of the current trend of teeny-bopper sparkly vampires and want a gritty thrill ride, buy this audiobook now. You won't be disappointed.

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