Blue Bloods and Backroads (A Royal Romantic Comedy): Kings of Carolina, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Blue Bloods and Backroads is the full-length follow-up to Between a Rock and a Royal and is not intended to be listened to as a stand-alone title.

Love is a four-letter word. So is jerk.

Ruby: The only thing worse than a guy sneaking out in the middle of the night is finding he left a fat stack of cash as his only goodbye. Well, Leo Baxter can take that blue-blood money and whatever connection we had and shove it where the sun don’t shine. It’s time to focus on hunting down my jailbird cousin, saving the family business, and keeping my uncle from taking a one-way trip to crazy town. Luckily, I’ve got some help from an unexpected source. I’m gonna wrap this up, tuck my heart away, and get back to real life...not the fairytale I was stupid enough to start believing in.

Leo: It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Being used and exploited for my name and position is, unfortunately, not a new experience. But I thought Ruby was different - which is what makes her deception cut so deep. Now it’s time for damage control and for Malcolm and me to go home and attend to our duties. Life is less complicated when you stay on the straight and narrow. Too bad those winding backroads are calling my name, and there’s only one person my heart wants to travel them with.

Meagan Moses
hr min
October 31
Sylvie Stewart

Customer Reviews

Bette H ,

Fantastic RomCom, Series & Narration🎧A Heartfelt Delight!

Blue Bloods and Backroads (A Royal Romantic Comedy)
Kings of Carolina, Book 2
By: Sylvie Stewart
Narrated by: Meagan Moses

Sylvie Stewart pens another fantastic romantic comedy, this is the 2nd book in her “Kings of Carolina” series and it picks up right where the 1st book “Between a Rock and a Royal” leaves off. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st book and loved this one even more. Leo and Malcolm left Ruby without a goodbye, they went back to their lives in the Feldsland, Malcolm to his duties and Leo to his job. He can not stop thinking about Ruby, after his brother set him straight he realized the error of his ways and tries to reach out to Ruby. Ruby had gone back to her life as well, working in the garage and still searching for her cousin who jumped bail. Malcolm true to his word sends her Alice to help to find him, Alice is resourceful and tracks him down fairly quickly. I loved how Leo comes back to win Ruby back, also loved how everything played out, the drama, the laughs, the angst, the action and all the heartfelt moments. Sylvie Stewart, thank you for this wonderful series, I hope hear more from these great characters, Malcolm needs a book, he needs Alice too.

Meagan Moses continues to bring these characters and their story to life. She performs the voices of all the characters, does an amazing job with the different accents and switches roles back and forth flawlessly. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another great listen🎧