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Celebrity favorite health and wellness consultant Kelly LeVeque shares her secrets for losing weight, attuning ourselves to our bodies’ needs, and freeing ourselves from food drama in this essential wellness guide.

In this inspirational yet practical book, the nutritional consultant and holistic healthcare expert who has helped celebrities improve their health and achieve their goals shows you how to get beyond the food drama of cyclical fad diets and feel and look great by eating well.

Kelly has studied the science behind familiar diets to understand how they trigger the body to lose pounds—and why they aren’t sustainable. Instead, she offers a better choice: her four-step Food Freedom program that helps you find your wellness balance between eating enough and deciding how you feel. Once you find your balance, you will lose weight, lose fat, increase lean muscle mass, and drop at least one size. You’ll also enjoy thicker, shinier hair; clear, glowing skin; a remarkable improvement in your overall appearance; reduced joint pain and other inflammations; increased energy; and better sleep.

Kelly’s Food Freedom program helps you set yourself up for success, eliminating cravings, mood swings, and other symptoms caused by food drama. Start your day with her Be Well Smoothies which pack protein, fat, fiber, and carbs to balance your blood sugar and keep you full and happy. After breakfast, you’ll thrive with her Be Well Bowls, which include the Fab Four food groups—protein, fat, fiber, and greens—that play a role in day-long satiety. Kelly also teaches you how to elongate your blood sugar curve to stay full and happy, and make yourself insulin aware.

Filled with tips and resources on supplements and cleansing, dozens of delicious, healthy recipes and advice on how to adjust your eating when traveling and on vacation, Body Love is your one-stop resource to living clean and happy!

Kelly LeVeque
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June 27

Customer Reviews

Mhazen ,

Body positive but a little unrealistic.

This book truly lived up to its title, Body love. Kelly empowers and motivates you to be the best person and feel the best you possibly can. While I personally am not sure I can follow this model I have taken bits and pieces and this read has made me focus on what I eat and when I eat it. Specifically how I am fueling my body. This book has inspired me to follow Kelly on social media and listen to her new podcast where she interviews different medical professionals and gives us an insight into how to be the best version of ourselves.

Stolgi1 ,

Help with download

Downloaded PDF where do we find it?

bexbrands ,

Where's the downloadable PDF?

Loving the book! They mention a downloadable PDF, but I'm not seeing it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

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