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In relationships, presence of healthy boundaries keeps the relationships healthy and functional. The rights and responsibilities remain justified, and encroachment of personal space doesn’t take place. Boundaries can help in preventing relationships from getting toxic.

You’ll feel less stressed and compromised if you have set healthy boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries will make you feel liberated. You will have your personal space and won’t feel suffocated. 

Not having healthy boundaries will have consequences. Trespassing limits will become commonplace. You’ll be forced to hide things from the person you were looking to share. The love and longing will vanish. Cribbing and nagging will increase. 

This book has four parts.

Part I will discuss the importance of setting healthy boundaries in dating. 

Dating may seem to be a casual affair for most, but in reality it isn’t. It lays the foundation for a healthy relationship. It also sets your role in the relationship. Setting healthy boundaries is important for taking any relationship forward. It will help in establishing a balance between rights and responsibilities. You’ll be able to enjoy being in the company of your partner without being burdened. Setting boundaries help you in viewing things in the right perspective. 

Part II will discuss the importance of setting healthy boundaries in marriage. 

Marriage may be seen as a union of souls, but it is also a union of two individuals. Complete amalgamation of two identities just because of marriage is very difficult. It is a prime reason for marriages and relationships to fall apart later on. The book will help you in setting healthy boundaries that make marriages work. 

Part III will discuss the importance of boundaries with kids. 

As parents, we may become overprotective or over demanding with kids. They may be a part of us, but they still have different identities as individuals. Not respecting that can lead to confusion and rebellion. This book will help you in setting boundaries with kids that will strengthen your bond with them. It will also help them in coming closer to you without the fear of infringement of personal space. 

Part IV will discuss the importance of setting healthy boundaries in the workplace. 

We spend the biggest part of our productive life at our workplaces. Setting healthy boundaries at the workplace is important for having a healthy work and personal life balance. You will have more time for yourself and become more productive. The biggest productivity killer is the feeling that people are taking undue advantage of you. They are using you as a doormat. It takes zeal out of you. Having boundaries helps you in understanding the amount of space and access you can give to others. It helps you in recognizing the point where to say no.

Brooke Pillifant
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January 3
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