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Branding that Means Business

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A revelatory guide on how to build, sustain and grow a brand.
 A brand is either beloved, or it’s noise. We live in a fast-paced world of immediate gratification where consumers can listen to any song, watch any movie, or read any article, with the touch of a few buttons. They are peppered with hyper-personalized targeting for products that can be ordered seamlessly and arrive within hours. And if your brand isn’t the first to come to mind, they’ll click that button and it’ll be delivered by someone else.
So how do you make sure your brand connects with consumers? Branding that Means Business draws from the authors’ experience and business literature as well as psychology, sociology, and even anthropology to show readers that while any brand serves the business, the mechanisms that enable it are all about connecting with people. Readers will learn how to create, maintain, and operationalize their brand, and think creatively about how to differentiate their product and most importantly, make consumers fall in love with it.


Business & Personal Finance
Stephanie Cannon
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October 25
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djibvskl ,

One of the best books about branding ever written

Branding that means business by Matt Johnson and Tessa Misiazek offers practical advice and strategies for building and maintaining solid and successful brands in today's competitive business environment.

With case examples from Nike, Harley Davidson, Apple, Adidas & Puma, Jeep, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Red Bull, to the more niche marketing of micro and nano influencers, this book examines how brands become successful and evolve to become even better in less than 300 pages.

No matter where you find yourself in this changing business landscape, Branding That Means Business will give you an insight into how you can differentiate from your competitors with the one thing they can't replicate, your brand.

Branding that Means Business is a valuable resource for anyone looking to build and manage a strong brand. It offers practical advice and strategies to help businesses create lasting customer relationships and stand out in today's crowded market.

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