Breakup Boot Camp

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“Merlin gives off Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin vibes only with an execution of plots that is all her own….Beth Merlin is totally going to grow in popularity. I'm calling it." - Book and Broadway

After weeks of training to whip Joanna Kitt into shape for her big day, her picture-perfect engagement to her high school sweetheart is torn in two, and Joanna is left out on her perfectly toned rear end. To put the past and her heartache behind her, she sets off for two weeks at the renowned Retreat House Breakup Boot Camp in Topsail Island off the coast of North Carolina.

Despite her sadness, Joanna throws herself into the experience hoping surfing, yoga, spa treatments, meditation, and talk therapy will be enough to help her get over the one man she’s ever loved. But she soon learns the Boot Camp is only the first step to healing her broken heart. Joanna will have to come to terms with the career she abandoned, the loss in her life she never fully accepted, and the role she played in the ending of her relationship.

When she meets Todd Aldrich, the handsome and mysterious hotel chef, she has the chance to take her renewed heart out for a test drive and see if she is ready for new beginnings and new love.

Will 12 steps be enough to get her life back on track? Or will her getaway to get over him prove healing the heart takes a whole lot more?

Ashley DeMain
hr min
June 30
Firefly Hill Press

Customer Reviews

Rosemary1026 ,

Love it!!

I’ve been reading romances since I was in my mid-teens (I’m 60 now) and this is up in my Top 20 list! I have read everything from Christian to bodice rippers, early Harlequins to Rosemary Rogers and I don’t know of many I still remember, but this will be on that list. The feelings of the main character hit my heart and my feelings for the fiancé went from him being a big time a**h*l* to a regular a**h*l*. At first, you wonder how serious Todd is in the relationship, but you can see the attraction. I’m really glad they did not have any sex or even make out sessions because then you can see their connection is real and that that part of their lives will add even more to their relationship. I also loved the other characters and to be able to see their feelings and emotions. I’m going to get the first of the Campfire series and put off starting my chores for the day! Read It!!

DMod115 ,

A Fantastic Read with Colorful Narration!

This is the first that Merlin writes outside the world of The Campfire Series, but man, she writes like a seasoned pro who navigates the tough waters of intriguing plot and authentic emotion. Her writing strengthens with every book she crafts, and this book offers awesome little Easter eggs that fans of the Campfire Series will just LOVE.

My favorite aspect of Beth's stories is that she focuses on the women, not the relationships that society claims will be the mending agent. It is the women themselves who find their own happiness and contentment before they allow a relationship to add to their "happily ever after." It is a story of self-discovery and growth - full of laughs, real strife and heartbreak, and endearing strength of character.

It is a MUST read for anyone who's ever experienced heartbreak and has made it out the other side.

Also, the narration is beautiful and captivating. Just all the way around PERFECTION.