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Grady Adams lives a simple, solitary life deep in the Colorado mountains. Here the 35-year-old carpenter works out of a converted barn, crafting exquisite one-of-a-kind furniture. There's little about this strong yet gentle man to suggest the experiences that have alienated him from the contemporary world. But that is about to change.

One day, while hiking, Grady spots a pair of stunningly beautiful furred animals unlike anything he's ever seen. They flee the instant they detect his presence, but the mystery of that brief encounter remains. In the days ahead, Grady will approach the creatures again, gaining their trust but coming no closer to solving their mystery. For this he enlists the help of an old friend, veterinarian Camellia "Cammy" Rivers, who, in turn, is stunned - and enchanted - by Grady's new "pets." But while Grady and Cammy carefully observe these enigmatic animals for clues to their origin, they, too, are being watched.

Soon Grady's home and hundreds of square miles of surrounding wilderness will be placed under quarantine by Homeland Security. And Grady, Cammy, and the two creatures they've come to feel they must protect at all costs find themselves virtual prisoners - and the unwilling focus of an army of biologists, naturalists, and research scientists. But it's a stunning event no one could have foreseen that convinces Grady and Cammy to do the unthinkable: to escape with the two creatures on a riveting race for freedom.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Jeffrey Cummings
hr min
November 24
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

red little bird ,

not a good ending

I have to agree with Itune Audiofan. The whole book builds up the reader to a climax that just never happens. I loved the characters and enjoyed the book but just felt let down by the ending. I kept wondering if it had really ended or if I just hadn't been paying attention and had missed a chapter!! I would have liked to hear more about the characters and creatures that I had become attached to.

Itune Audiofan ,

Not Koontz's Best

I love Dean Koontz and his bizarre nature. Most of his works leave the reader wanting to buy another one of his works as soon as he finishes the one he's reading. Not this one. If you think Dragon Tears and Watchers are some of his best works, you will think this one is his worst. I was left with the impression that he spent every chapter but the last one leading up to the climactic end... only there was no climax. The characters in this one were interesting and I thought he could have done alot more with them. I'm glad it was on sale when I bought it because I would have felt ripped off if I had paid more than $10.00 for it.


Throwback Dean Koontz

When I first opened this book, it felt to me to have a bit of the flavor of The Watchers. For those of you looking for the later Dean Koontz style (the Odd Thomas Trilogy style), you probably won't find it here. For those true Koontz fans, I think you will enjoy the read, the story, and the plot...I loved it. Set in the backdrop of Colorado, Koontz steps outside his comfortable California scenes and takes readers into the solitude of mountain life. Beautifully crafted story despite not being one of his strongest novels (IMO)!

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