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A disturbing prophecy sends a treasure-hunting duo on an urgent race to rescue a country in Kaylin McFarren's heart-pounding new novel, Buried Threads. Full of erotic suspense and wild adventures, this is one trip that readers will never forget!

Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen work together as the successful owners of a treasure-hunting company. But a seemingly simple assignment--to track down a priceless gem that is believed to be buried in a shipwreck deep within the Sea of Japan--takes a startling and dangerous turn.

Faced with a monk's dark prophecy that a natural disaster will soon strike Japan, killing millions, Rachel and Chase must embark on the mission of a lifetime in order to uncover the three cursed samurai swords that can avert the catastrophe.

Chaos ensues as their adventure takes them from shark-infested waters and creepy caves to haunted hidden tombs and a confrontation with Yakuza gang members. Time is running out as the prophecy's day of reckoning draws near. Will Rachel and Chase succeed before disaster strikes?

Mysteries & Thrillers
Hugh Bradley, Libby Hudson
hr min
January 16
Creative Edge Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Boundless Book Reviews ,

A bit jumbled but still entertaining

I was asked to read and review Buried Threads, and since I saw it as an audiobook, I purchased a copy for myself. I enjoyed part one, Severed Threads a lot and looked forward to part two. The narration of Buried Threads is a waste of having a male and a female narrator. I think this should always be done in the format of the man reading all the male characters, and the female reading the female characters. It really throws the audiobook off when the chapter changes POV, and each narrator is reading a Chase and Rachel.

In Buried Threads, we pickup with Rachel heading to Japan to meet up with Chase, who is already there scouting out their latest adventure. This is pretty much where we left things at the end of book one.

While Buried Threads was more erotic than its predecessor, I also found it to be, to put it bluntly, ridiculous at times. There is a possessed phyco geisha, a profit/future reading monk who is very un-monk like. A hunt for buried treasure; was so utterly laughable, I was rolling my eyes most of the time. Take several Indian Jones movies, mash them together, and there you go. There’s blow darts and everything, oh yeah, and throw in some spooky ghosts.

Don’t get me started on the Yakuza aspect of the story, and the whole slave trade bit. I could understand it there is going to be a spin of series; we were just left hanging at the end, is there going to be a spinoff series? Because you really should give us more on what is going on with the geisha, and not leave the storyline open ended.

There were so many twist and turns in this story I didn’t feel like they had a cohesive flow. It was more like Kaylin McFarren wanted to divulge every bit of knowledge she could possibly gather about Japan in this story, and still try to compress it into the storyline. It left things a bit too jumbled for my tastes. Yet at the same time; I still enjoyed the overall story, and for the most part, it was very entertaining. I really love the characters of both Rachel and Chase, and I look forward to moving on the next installment Banished Threads. So overall, I am giving Buried Threads Three Stars, it was good....Sara