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An innovative entrepreneur, outspoken nonconformist, and groundbreaking philanthropist, Ted Turner is truly a living legend, and now, for the first time, he reveals his personal story. From his difficult childhood to the successful launch of his media empire to the catastrophic AOL/Time Warner deal, Turner spares no details or feelings and takes the reader along on a wild and sometimes bumpy ride. You'll also hear Ted's personal take on how we can save the world...share his experiences in the dugout on the day when he appointed himself as manager of the Atlanta Braves....learn how he almost lost his life in the 1979 Fastnet sailing race (but came out the winner)...and discover surprising details about his dealings with Fidel Castro, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Warren Buffett, and many more of the most influential people of the past half century. Ted also doesn't shrink from the darker and more intimate details of his life. With his usual frankness, he discusses a childhood of loneliness (he was left at a boarding school by his parents at the tender age of four), and the emotional impact of devastating losses (Ted's beloved sister died at 17 and his hard-charging father committed suicide when Ted was still in his early 20's). Turner is also forthcoming about his marriages, including the one to Oscar-winning actress, Jane Fonda. Along the way, Ted's friends, colleagues, and family are equally revealing in their unique "Ted Stories" which are peppered throughout the book. Jane Fonda, especially, provides intriguing insights into Ted's inner drive and character. In
Call Me Ted, you'll hear Ted Turner's distinctive voice on every page. Always forthright, he tells you what makes him tick and what ticks him off, and delivers an honest account of what he's all about. Inspiring and entertaining,
Call Me Ted sheds new light on one of the greatest visionaries of our time.

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Customer Reviews

OldEngineerBusinessDude ,

Great story and very interesting

Took a while to get through the book but it was a great story. I didn't realize all that Turner was responsible for in the media world but its very impressive. The story of how he put together his empire was very interesting, educational and sort of a tour of the 70s and 80s. The last part of the book was slower but the middle when he was struggling was really a good listen to me.

music777 ,

An Unbelievable Surprise!

I have always had a fascination with the real story of people who have lead extraordinary lives, but often times, I find that autobiographies do not give the real scoop, as I am often disappointed (like the recent Trump books that are made for his ego only and have no usefulness in the business place). That is why I have now have to lavish my highest praise upon Ted Turner for being a stand up guy and not pulling punches to save his ego. He really delves into the details of what got him to where he is today (the good, bad and ugly), and therefore, makes this a great business learning adventure for those who are or ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur. The fact that he reads this himself, only provides that much of a better understanding of who he was and has become. I may not always agree with his decisions, but I certainly now understand why he made them and definitely appreciate many of the idealistic creations that he actually made come to pass (2 million acres of protected landscape that has brought back the population of several endangered species.) Oh, and for the record, I don't even share much of his political views!

Mote22000 ,

Real insight that’s useful

Turner didn’t cheat the reader - he goes deep and explains the principles that drove him to the decisions he has made along the way as he built a massive company and fortune. And it’s entertaining as hell.

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