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His speeches stirred a generation to change - and outlined a practical way to economic freedom and true democracy. His words would help bring about the end of a brutally unequal system - and would show a timeless method for achieving fairness and justice for all.

These 12 moving speeches voiced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are original recordings collected here for the first time ever. In addition, some of the world's most renowned leaders and theologians share with you their reflections on these speeches, and give priceless firsthand testimony on the events that inspired their delivery.

This audio takes you behind the scenes on an astonishing spoken historical journey - from a small, crowded church in Montgomery, AL, where "The Birth of a New Nation" ignited the modern civil rights movement; to the center of the nation's conscience; to the Mason Temple in Memphis, where more than 10,000 people heard Dr. King give his last transcendent speech, "I've Been to the Mountaintop", the night before his assassination.

Narrators include Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King, Reverend Leon H. Sullivan, Hon. Walter E. Fauntroy, Yolanda King, Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Martin Luther King III, Rep. John Lewis, Ambassador George McGovern, and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

Andrew Young, Rosa Parks
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January 23
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bdeadheadz ,


The Significance of this man and his value to Mankind are immeasurable. This is an excellent listen and reminder of his worthiness.If you listen it will change your life,regardless of race , creed,religion or color.
IMO MLK is as significant if not moreso than any figure in Human History.He had flaws like all humans,but the Values he proposed are the essence of the Natural Order of Humanity (How things should be). All I can say is I am truly sorry that we still struggle as a People to grasp his propositions contained in these speeches.

Durhamite, Guilford grad - NC ,

Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. King was, and remains, one of the most brilliant thinkers of our time. A being able to see beauty where others could not. To see peace within a system built from hatred and oppression.
His speeches are remarkable. As a historian, young adult, US citizen, and human being, I am always moved when I hear Dr. King's words. Regardless of how many times I have heard them before. Regardless of how many times I have read his books.

NOTE: If conducting a history assignment, these speeches and all other speeches recorded from the source can be used as primary research.

Duke1977 ,

My Goodness

The greatest American speaks. Hear the wisdom, power and patriotism of a great man.

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