Career 3.0: Career Planning Advice to Find Your Dream Job in Today's Digital World (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

This book is a comprehensive collection of the latest strategies in career planning to reach and impress hiring managers at your desired employment destination.

Highlights of this amazing book:

Map out your job search using our career roadmap
Get a leg up on your competition by using the hidden network
Build a resume and cover letter combination that is customized to your dream job and gets noticed by HR personnel and hiring managers
Master negotiation tactics to get you the highest possible offer
Make sure the first steps you take in your new job take you on the right path to career success.

Our yearlong research of the best career books found them lacking in many respects. For one thing, most of them are not suited to the age of social media and do not provide sufficient guidance on how to find a career in a digital age. We also found it frustrating that there was little actionable guidance on how to secure a job and career that you would actually love.

In this book, we have simplified the job search process, and through research and experience have developed effective approaches to career planning. From the first second of the first chapter - the roadmap - to the final chapter on mastering your job, you will not be able to stop listening.

The roadmap developed in the first chapter provides logical, step-by-step framework to reach your career dreamland. You will think about your job search in a new way and reduce your job-search time by many months.

As you journey through the book you will come across the chapter on effective job-search weapons. We consider this a must-listen because, in many ways, job hunting is a battle that favors people with grit.

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Sangita Chauhan
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October 13
Abhishek Kumar