Cats Find You: Hope, Happiness, and a Cat Called Sticky (Unabridged) Cats Find You: Hope, Happiness, and a Cat Called Sticky (Unabridged)

Cats Find You: Hope, Happiness, and a Cat Called Sticky (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $12.99

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When we started writing this book, I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be about. I knew I wasn't the story but there is a very good story here. The lessons I have learned from this strange cat fame journey, are just too good not to share. When I found Sticky, the world was an angry place. It was such an angry place, that multiple cars sped right over a kitten on a roadway on an early Friday morning, without even slowing down.

When I stopped for the kitten, people suddenly slowed down but it was to yell at me to get off the road, not to help the kitten. Even worse, someone had found the time to cover that kitten in glue and put him on that road in the first place. That is how angry the world was on that early October, Friday morning.

I felt that anger and angst in our world just like everyone else did. It was on the news every day. It was spray painted on the walls I saw on my way to work. It even flew from flags on the back of pick up trucks. It seemed there was a lot to be angry about. And then I came across this kitten. Something so helpless and maybe even a product of that angry time we were living in, that just needed some help.

I couldn't know how that kitten would change my life or the amazing things it would show me that morning I stopped for him. I just knew he needed some help and that is what we are supposed to do. Help each other out when we can. The world had just forgotten that for a moment. It took a magical kitten to remind me and people all around the world, that kindness…always wins. And then I realized…that is what the story was about. Kindness.

As we were writing this book, I was reminded of how I used to wish for some kind of life changing event that would force me to appreciate life the way I saw some folks savor every minute of their own. Man, did I get it. But as it turned out, those life changing moments are around us everyday. I just never realized it. Through many years of day to day struggles, I never took the time to notice the changes we all make in peoples lives everyday or even allow myself to believe I was the kind of someone that could make those changes. I always was. And you are too.

Kindness is how you change lives. Kindness is how you become someone. There was a very controversial radio host that passed away the year this book was written. He was mean and cruel and somehow had a huge following. It was pointed out to me that no one speaks about him anymore. You never hear his name, just months after his death. I hear Mr. Rogers name at least once a month without ever even trying. I think my point is proven right there. Kindness always wins.

This story is also about Angels. I'm not a particularly religious man, but I do believe in Angels. I believe in them because I have been fortunate enough to take shelter under the wings of some folks who could have been nothing other than Angels. Without them and their kindness, I may have had a very different story. Most of them didn't even know they were saving me at the time.

I think we all have the ability to be an Angel to someone at some point, and there is a good chance you are someone's Angel right now and don't even know it. I know this little cat has been referred to as an Angel more times than I ever have, and who knows…he just might be.

There are a lot of cat books out there, with amazing stories of their own. While Sticky's story is a cat story, it is so much more. This one kitten is responsible for more acts of kindness than any human, I personally know. He has saved lives, changed lives, and even been the comfort at the end of lives. He definitely changed my life and I think his story may just change a few more before it is through.

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