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On a quiet day, away from the hustle of Richmond, in a small cottage on the Virginia coast, Dr. Kay Scarpetta receives a disturbing phone call from the Chesapeake police. Thirty feet deep in the murky waters of Virginia’s Elizabeth River, a scuba diver’s body is discovered near the Inactive Naval Shipyard. As the police begin searching for clues, the wallet of investigative report Ted eddings is found. Unnerved by the possible identity of the victim, Scarpetta orders the crime scene roped off and left alone until she arrives. What was he doing there, searching for Civil War relics as the officer suggested or was there a bigger story? As she rifles through the multitude of clues, a second murder hits much closer to home. This new development puts Scarpetta and her coleagues hot on the trail of a military conspiracy. Filled with lurid details that Cornwell’s legions of fans have come to expect, Cause of Death is a breathtaking mystery further enhanced by C. J. Critt’s gripping narration.

Mysteries & Thrillers
C. J. Critt
hr min
January 1
Recorded Books

Customer Reviews

Klecroy ,

Horrid audio

I am just a bit into the story but I am having trouble getting over the horrid narration. The pauses are so incredibly obvious where the narrator quit reading. It seems she never got out two sentences in a row without pausing. When she picks up the inflections are off and the sound editor did a poor job of clipping them together. It is by far the worst audiobook to date I've heard (I've listened to over 100.) This is not a voice actor that needs to do audiobooks for a living, unless a director can get her to pre-read the novel and read a paragraph at a time. If you need to finish the series then go ahead and get this one otherwise pick another one. The Body Farm was better by far.

LisaHou ,

Disappointing Experience

This is an excellent book but the narrator ruins it. The excitement is not exciting, the sadness is not sad, the drama is not dramatic. Very disappointing experience.

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