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Have you always wanted to be able to understand and control your chakras and Reiki? Then, read on...

Your chakras run through your body and can effect your physical, mental, and spiritual health, yet some people still choose to ignore them. By learning how to tend to and harness the power of your chakras, you see and feel the difference. By being able to control the flow of your chakras to certain points in your body, you will be able to truly take control of your health. 

From this audiobook, you will learn, step by step, what chakras are and how ignoring them affects your health. You will learn how chakras and Reiki help balance you and how dangerous it can be when they get out of alignment.

What is inside this book: 

The health benefits of chakra energy 
Ways to achieve chakra stimulation 
Meditation how to do it and the positive effects that it has 
The benefits of Yoga on both your health and your mind 
Yoga postures and their effects 
The best times of day to meditate 
History of Reiki
The evolution of Reiki
Guidance on how Reiki works 
Ways to discover a health care expert who does Reiki
The healing hands of Reiki 
Benefits from Reiki therapy 
And much more...

This book contains everything you need to start learning about your chakras and Reiki today. Narrated in an easy-to-understand format, you will be able to start putting the lessons into practice as soon as you start listening. Unlike other books and courses, all you need is this one book to start learning and controlling your chakras today. And since everyone has chakras, all you need besides this book is the discipline to learn to control them. 

If you are ready to learn everything you need to know about your chakras and Reiki then you need this book. By learning these methods you will be a master of meditation and chakra and Reiki manipulation in no time at all. 

The only question is what are you waiting for? Get the audiobook now!

Religion & Spirituality
Angela Ohlfest, Misty Rothermund, Tom Chandler
hr min
April 8
Corinne Sawyer