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From the Japanese soldiers' carefully calculated-and ultimately foiled-attempt to build a series of impregnable island forts on the ground to the tireless efforts of the Americans who struggled against a tenacious adversary and the temperature and terrain of the island itself, Robert Leckie captures the loneliness, the agony, and the heat of twenty-four-hour-a-day fighting on Guadalcanal. Combatants from both sides are brought to life: General Archer Vandegrift, who first assembled an amphibious strike force; Isoruku Yamamoto, the naval general whose innovative strategy was tested; the island-born Allied scout Jacob Vouza, who survived hideous torture to uncover the enemy's plans; and Saburo Sakai, the ace flier who shot down American planes with astonishing ease.

Propelling the Allies to eventual victory, Guadalcanal was truly the turning point of the war. Challenge for the Pacific is an unparalleled, authoritative account of this great fight that forever changed our world.

Kevin Foley
hr min
June 8
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Customer Reviews

C Andrews ,


Accurate and thorough explanation of a very important battle in the pacific theatre. This work could prove enlightening to many Americans who are far more educated on the European front. This is the second book I have read/listened to by Robert leckie and continue to be impressed by his writing.

GalacticaLover ,

A Methodical Walk through a Critical Event

I have read most of the scholarly works on the Island Hopping campaigns of the Pacific War, but none broke down the events as clinically as this book. Day to Day, even hour to hour in some cases, Challenge puts you on both side of the events that altered the course of WWII. Written so long ago, the author didn't know or couldn't talk about the Navajo Code Talkers, Operation Hypo; or FDR's moron puppet, Adm. Gormley, still the details he brings to the material are impressive. I only wish he'd let us know what happened to the gold prospector and how much he finally accumulated. There's a better book about the Naval side of this battle, but nothing is as thorough across the board about Guadalcanal as this effort. When I finished, I went back to the top and listened again.

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