Changing Collars: Lessons in Transitioning from Blue-Collar Roots to White-Collar Success (Unabridged‪)‬

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Millions of Americans are struggling, and will struggle, to succeed in their white-collar careers given that they have grown up in a blue-collar background. Changing Collars is an enabling memoir focused upon helping millions of current and future blue-collar Americans succeed in their white-collar careers. 

Drawing upon his experiences growing up in a blue-collar family and in his 35 years of learning the soft skills and tools needed to climb the corporate ladder in a white-collar world, Daniel Muller shares valuable insights to help millions of "blue-collar root" employees who are starting or in the midst of their white-collar careers. 

Muller grew up in a blue-collar small town in Ohio, where he learned the ‘blue-collar’ mentality. He held several blue-collar jobs while working his way through college. However, upon beginning his first job in the professional white-collar world, he realized that his blue-collar mentality was an obstacle to success.  

He was eventually able to transcend his blue-collar background and achieve career success, albeit as a late bloomer. He ended his career as a senior vice president for a Fortune 500 company and also held other executive roles. 

Combining his lessons learned, along with those of highly respected peers in his industry, Changing Collars provides insightful and practical lessons that can be readily applied by anyone in, or beginning, a white-collar career.  

The book discusses the significant differences between blue-collar and white-collar cultures as well as highlighting the common misunderstandings that blue-collar candidates have about the white-collar world. The lessons are organized by early-career, middle-career, and late-career examples. These lessons were peer-validated and proven to be effective. If you are searching for the keys to future white-collar success, this audiobook will be an important guide that can be used and referred to throughout your career.

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