Checkmate: This is Dangerous: Checkmate Duet Series, Volume 5 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Synopsis: Introducing Audiobook One in the Logan & Kayla saga of the Checkmate series from a secret duo of romance authors who teamed up under the USA Today best-selling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox! This second-chance romance will sweep you off your feet from the very first chapter, and have you craving donuts by the final chapter! Are you ready to play the final game?

Logan Knight is a real life knight in shining armor. A detective godsend in a sleek black suit has me thinking less than secretive thoughts. Brooding and mysterious, he's the kind of guy every girl instantly notices. Between his seductive smirk and charming good looks, it's no wonder I can't help the way he makes me feel whenever I'm near him. Too bad he's unavailable - or so he says. He thinks I'm a do-gooder who shouldn't get involved with a guy like him. His past is messy, and his relationships just add to that. He insists the timing is all wrong and he's devoted to his career, but I don't buy that excuse for a second. I see the way his body tenses and his jaw ticks every time another guy is around me. He just won't admit it, but I'm more determined than ever to show him what he's missing. I'm a devoted animal rescuer and I'll risk everything to save them, but when a dramatic turn of events puts both our lives at risk, I'm positive Logan will write me off for good. But when he asks for my help with a personal crisis, I know it's my last chance to finally show him I can handle anything he throws my way - messy past and all. He might think he has me all figured out.

Lia Langola
hr min
August 25
Kennedy Fox

Customer Reviews

Bette H ,

Fabulous Story & Listen🎧 Kayla’s Knight in Shining Armor!

Kennedy Fox’s “Checkmate Duet” is one of my favorite series, the characters are awesome and easy to fall in love with. This book is the start of Logan and Kayla’s story and what a story it is. Kayla and Logan have been skirting around each other for years, there is a great chemistry between them and she knows he is the one for her but he keeps resisting. He has his reasons for not wanting to get involved, he has baggage and issues and a security from his past life that he only shared with his former partner Drew. When another man walks into her life she convinces herself to go for it that it is time to give up on Logan. But Logan wises up, he finally realizes he does not want to push Kayla away anymore. I loved these two together, I felt they were perfect for each other. Kayla’s heart of gold, her generosity to help others including those dogs and his goodness to save the world and get the bad guys off the street. And in true Fox fashion, the couple are at a good place and wham, they throw in a doozy of scene and ending, an ending I did not see coming at all (well done, very well done). This book, as all the others in the series is well written, the story both beautifully and cleverly plotted, several storylines raise questions and has you wondering what is going to happen next. There is plenty of drama, a touch of angst, some twists and turns, mystery, thrilling and suspenseful moments, heartfelt and emotional moments and some hot romance. Kennedy Fox thank you for another amazing story, I am looking forward to what come next for these two.

🎧📚🎧 Lia Langola is a fabulously talented narrator and versatile voice artist. She continues to bring these characters and their story to life. She performs the voices for all the characters, gives each their own distinct voice which makes it easy to follow along and tell who is who. She does an awesome job portraying each character, grasps their persona and plays the role with perfection. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another awesome listen🎧

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