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Some of you who know me know that I have a very powerful relationship with Goddess energy. I find personally that the magick that employs the Goddess is simply more powerful for me. I don't know exactly why. Perhaps it is just my personal experience or my karma that the divine Feminine speaks through and to me. I don't know. But I do know that almost all rituals I perform include the Goddess energy. Not that I don't use male energy at all, I do, but for my personal every day practice, it is rare. A few exceptions do exist such as my work with Shiva the God of the Hindu Pantheon, St. Expedite, and occasionally Ganesh.

One Goddess that I resonate very strongly with is Circe, not many know of her in the mainstream occult. I know of her through the many years of study and experimentation. She is quite powerful. There is almost a kind of irritability in her nature which makes her slightly unpredictable, but I find, despite that, she is incredibly powerful. She is known as a Goddess of Witches, a divine sorceress herself. She is born of a sun God and a water nymph, and therefore she has the full range of magickal force behind her. She is most known, in the literature of old, as the Goddess who turned Odysseus's entourage into swine. She is a true witch and sorceress, and it is for this reason I will teach you various ways to tap into her power. I must warn you, she is very powerful and does not "suffer fools lightly" as they say.

In this book, we will discuss briefly who Circe is, rituals employing her energy and how to make an essential tool for her magick, a wand.

In this book, we will perform the following rituals with Circe:

Protection ritual using a talisman pouch
Divination using an obsidian mirror
For personal empowerment
To become seductive to anyone
Enchant someone to do your bidding
Calling on Circe for physical healing
Calling on Circe for prosperity

I know you will find this magick with Circe quite powerful.

Religion & Spirituality
Baal Kadmon
hr min
January 19
Baal Kadmon

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