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On New Year's Day, a dog finds a bone in the Hollywood Hills--and unearths a murder committed more than twenty years earlier. It's a cold case, but for Detective Harry Bosch, it stirs up memories of his childhood as an orphan. He can't let it go. As the investigation takes Bosch deeper into the past, a beautiful rookie cop brings him alive in the present. No official warning can break them apart--or prepare Bosch for the explosions when the case takes a few hard turns. Suddenly all of L.A. is in an uproar, and Bosch, fighting to keep control, is driven to the brink of an unimaginable decision.

Peter J. Fernandez
hr min
November 1
Hachette Audio

Customer Reviews

split2001 ,

Great Book, Dreadful Reader

Michael Connelly's Bosch books are simply as satisfying as the genre gets. Period. However, the experience listening to this one is destroyed by the sap behind the microphone. He seems to have graduated from the William Shatner School of Solo Performance, in that every sentence (no hyperbole here, literally every sentence) follows the same inane pattern of accent - duh DUH duh DUH duh DUH duh DUH - regardless of its import. Casual prose is given the same sense of high melodrama as sentences on which the plot turns or major revelation occurs. Add to this the interminable pauses at both commas and periods and the result so maddening that I finished the book only on my third attempt.

By all means buy the Harry Bosch audiobooks...they are the pinnacle of detective drama...just follow this advice; start at The Black Echo and continue through all the books read by Dick Hill. He's the best reader of Bosch by far. The skip to the run read by Len Cariou, who is flawed as a reader, but still way, way above average. Then, if you can stand them, try the couple of books read by others. At that point you'll already love Bosch and Connelly enough to put up with the substandard readers.

rhmiyakawa ,

great book, poor digital interface

Chapter 31 followed chapter 21. Never found 22 through 30 had to deduce the novel outcome from later dialog. Also the chapter did not consistently repeat. The reader is significantly different than other readers and changed the personality of Harry Bash.

Newreader1 ,

City of Bones

I liked Connely's other books on Bosch, primarily Echo Park and The Overlook to a lesser extent. This is a well written book but definitely not on the same level in my opinion. If you like a fast paced thriller, you might get a little thrown off with the speed of this book. Not one of his better ones...

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