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The founder of Blackwater offers the gripping, previously untold story of the world’s most controversial military contractor
Blackwater is one of the most misunderstood companies of our time. As Erik Prince, its founder and former CEO, writes:

“Hundreds of American citizens employed by private military contractors, or PMCs, would lose their lives helping our government wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, only to have their memory tarnished by the unfair and/or ignorant depiction of PMCs as profiteers, jackbooted thugs, or worse.”

Because of the secrecy requirements of Blackwater’s contracts with the Pentagon, the State Department, and the CIA, Prince was unable to speak out when his company’s opponents spread false information. But now he’s free to tell the often shocking story of Blackwater’s rise and fall. 

Blackwater hired Special Forces veterans and others with the skills and courage to take on the riskiest security jobs in the world. As its reputation grew, demand for its services escalated. Its men eventually completed nearly 100,000 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prince’s narrative includes newly-revealed details about many controversial events. It debunks myths that have been spread by TV shows and movies. It honors our armed forces while challenging the Pentagon’s top leadership. Above all, it will make people rethink exactly who the “good guys” and “bad guys” have been since 9/11.

Jeff Gurner
hr min
November 18
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

PJSrePete ,

Captivating story… Nice to hear his side of the story!

So good, I listened to it twice! I ended up pulling up old articles to see how politicians and the media negatively portrayed these brave men.

For God & Country ,

Great read

Great insight from a great American!

Dr. Smithenstein ,

Excellent Read and Listen

A true story of excellence- NO OTHER organization in the world delivered what Blackwater did-the flawless delivery of security to our state heads and dignitaries...100,000 missions, ZERO casualties or injuries. Unbelievable success! Wow!
Our hypocritical state department and federal government is like a boss who gives an employee a very detailed job description and when the employee does EXACTLY what the boss asked for... The boss fires her or him for doing what he or she asked them to do. It only makes sense to government types, Juan Williams, and others who lack common horse sense, fail at understanding history, and are hellbent on demonizing American Heroes- like Erik Prince. Stooges oppose American excellence and our safety.

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