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Filial Sentiments of a Parricide by Marcel Proust

In this extraordinarily sensitive and penetrating psychological story, a series of letters from a family friend reveals far more than expected in hindsight.  

An Incident in the Reign of Terror by Honore de Balzac

A mysterious man follows a nun to her hiding place in order to say a midnight mass.

The Wall by Jean Paul Sartre

The master of existentialism takes us on a journey into raw fear as felt by three men facing execution during the Spanish Civil War.

Omphale by Theophile Gautier

A delightful tale of a young man's unusual first love. 

Father Gauchet's Elixir by Alphonse Daudet

In this hilarious tale, a remote monastery in the French countryside decides to go into the spirits business...alcoholic spirits that is.

In the Moonlight by Guy de Maupassant

When a French priest finds his niece involved in a romance, his religious obsessions threaten to erupt into violence. An epiphany intervenes.

The Procurator of Judaea by Anatole France

Set in the ancient Roman Empire, this is an intriguing conversation between two well connected Romans, one of whom is Pontius Pilate.

The Guest by Albert Camus

Set in French colonial Algiers, this is a story of how a French teacher is made to suddenly experience the fear and hostility of being an outsider in a hostile land.

The Little Bouilloux Girl by Colette

Growing to womanhood in a provincial French village is the subject of this marvelous story.

The Duel by Alexandre Dumas

The master of the adventure novel tells a tale of an unusual duel. But the ultimate victims of this affair turn out to be not only both the duelists, but a third party, as well.

The Walker-Through-Walls by Marcel Ayme

This comic tale is about a man with miraculous powers. At first, he is content to play practical jokes, then he moves on to burglary and high romance.

Charlton Griffin
hr min
July 20
Audio Connoisseur

Customer Reviews

Yngveld ,

French gems on love, honor – and the macabre

This is a beautiful selection of short stories by some of the most revered French writers, each story a complete and perfect work of art. The themes, as one would expect, are love, honor and the macabre.

Happily, the narrator refrains from mangling French words and names and reads with subtlety and expression. With all honesty and giving all deference to a previous review, I could find nothing to offend and a great deal to entertain and amuse.

EenieA ,

Classic French Short Stories

I wondered at the inclusion of the story "The Procurator of Judaea" by Anatole France. After reflection I realized that the immersion in antisemitic diatribe switched back on itself at the end and revealed Pontius Pilate as a liar and betrayer. But, this is the second in the Audio Connoisseur series of short stories that focuses heavily on antisemitic content, and I wonder whether there is some reason for dredging up this material.

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