Code Name: Omega: Jameson Force Security, Book 10 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

I joined the team at Jameson Force Security three months ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Leaving behind the Marine Corps together, my dog, Omega, and I made the cross-country trek to Pittsburgh for an exciting new career. Now I get to spend my days doing dangerous missions with my team and Omega gets to spend his days relaxing, unless there are explosives to be sniffed, and then he’s all paws on deck.

When Omega—who I affectionately refer to as Bubba—snacks on something he most definitely shouldn’t have, an emergency trip to the vet introduces me to Abigail Blackburn. She’s a little quirky, a lot smart, and completely captivating. She also has a penchant for trouble, and when Abby makes it her own personal mission to expose the puppy-mill industry, she finds herself mixed up with unsavory characters who aren’t happy with her efforts to cut into their profits.

This seedy underbelly is a dangerous place, particularly for a well-intentioned, yet somewhat naïve small-town vet. What began as peaceful protests outside of local pet stores has escalated into something that threatens Abby’s safety, and I refuse to sit by and watch her get hurt. Somehow this raven-haired beauty has gotten under my skin, and I don’t hesitate to call in my teammates at Jameson to help keep her safe.

Now I find myself trying to balance my need to protect Abby while helping her successfully complete her mission, but also redirecting her focus long enough to show her that I’ve completely fallen for her. One thing is certain—this is going to be my toughest assignment yet.

Joe Arden, Callie Dalton
hr min
August 16
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

easwain ,

The pups are the stars in this story! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

The pups are the stars in this story! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read

Kellen and Omega (Bubba) win the hearts of Abby the local vet and soon their lives are entwined in the best way, I am of the opinion that Omega picked Abby from that first lick and our Kellen was a goner from there. Kellen is smitten with this strong woman and soon all of Jamison is fighting for the pups! Fantastic Story!

5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ajmeyer1966 ,


A great story to end the series! Abby is a vet and she meets Kellan when his dog Bubba becomes sick. While at her clinic, he discovers her crusade to shut down a puppy mill and ultimately becomes a target for stealing one of the dogs. He makes it his mission to keep her safe and help shut down the puppy mill.

Kellan and Abby are a fun, sexy couple. Sawyer Bennett does not disappoint once again. Joe Arden and Callie Dalton were the perfect narrators for Kellan and Abby's story.

Pattyfgd ,

Adopt a dog!!

Code Name: Omega
Jameson Force Security, Book 10
By: Sawyer Bennett
Narrated by: Joe Arden, Callie Dalton

Strong heroine, swoony hero and dogs! How can I not love this book? It pushes all the right buttons Kellen is working for Jameson Force Security and recently moved to Pittsburgh. When his dog, Omega, better known as Bubba appears not to feel well, he finds himself looking for vet. Abby is the vet on duty, and their attraction is immediate. But Abby has more important things on her mind. Taking down a local puppy mill is the mission, but she doesn't realize just how dangerous this task is. Sawyer Bennett gives it all to us. A romance that is unbeatable, suspense with twists and turns that I didn't see coming and a couple of dogs that I want to adopt. Dealing with relevant issues, Bennett doesn't skim over the top, but takes us into some dark scenes. It's fast paced, thrilling and spicy! A great addition to this fantastic series!

Joe Arden is Kellen. Not only can he play the ex-military man with every nuance set perfectly, but his own love for dogs shines through in his performance. Callie Dalton brings passion to Abby not only with her budding romance, but with her mission. I loved these two and always enjoy their narrations.

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