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I joined Jameson Force Security for three reasons: the missions, the danger, and the money. I definitely didn’t join the team to be an overpriced babysitter for a spoiled princess. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you Jackson Gale is an adventurer through and through. Yet here I am, halfway across the world, watching over Princess Camille of the House Winterbourne. Even her name sounds stuck up.

After arriving in Bretaria, I realize that Princess Camille is nothing that I expected. Beautiful, smart, and sophisticated, Camille is the very picture of elegance and grace. But under her perfect façade, she is funny, adventurous, sexy as hell, and impossible to resist. And that is a dangerous combination.

The closer Camille and I become, the more obvious it is that while she and I are compatible in many ways, our destinies are not. She has a duty to the monarchy, and I’m just an average American who’s fallen for a princess. Everyone says we can’t be together, but how does one walk away from the other half of their heart?

Rupert Channing, Samantha Cook
hr min
September 7
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

mpatane5 ,


A great addition to this series. This bodyguard storyline will captivate you from the beginning to the end. Their chemistry is on fire! Rupert Channing and Samantha Cook’s narration is fantastic!

ajmeyer1966 ,

Royalty and the Bodyguard

Jackson and Camille are absolutely perfect. Even though she is royalty, Camille is all about the adventure and not so much about her wealth. Being assigned her personal bodyguard as she travels around the United States, Jackson finds it harder and harder to keep his attraction under wraps but Camille temps him every chance she gets. Their chemistry is off the charts and they fall in love, but will her royal duties keep them from finding their HEA.

charlligirl ,

Who can go wrong with a Royal story?

I love Princess and Bodyguard stories. Anything Royal is always a winner for me. But this one piqued my interest. I think Jackson tried to follow his family tradition but it wasn't working for him. So now his father treats him like he's a failure, no matter what he does. Camille is on her first American tour, and probably only one, with a threat to her father and herself looming. So many things can go wrong. And yet the best thing to go right is the two of them doing the horizontal tango. They both know it can't go anywhere because she is a princess and heir to the throne and he is a commoner.

But fate has another idea for these two. They are meant to be together and when her father sees how much she loves him, he reminds her that her mother was a commoner too and that there is no rule that says she has to marry a royal.

Will the threat be contained so that Camille can go claim her man? If not, will Jackson be back as her bodyguard? Will these two ever admit to their love?

Samantha Cook was great as Camille. She pulled off the British accent easily (maybe she's Brit) plus the American accent. Don't know which she is, but she did both well. Rupert Channing was new for me. I enjoyed him as Jackson as well as his Dimitri accent. Russian is not an easy one to pull off, but he did ok with it. I would love to listen to more of him so I will be checking out his library.

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