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Are you having trouble fostering healthy relationships?

Are you stressed, feeling drained, and exhausted from giving too much in your relationships?

Do you know who you are? What you need? What you like? Or do you feel that you need to be validated and approved by a partner (or any other person) to feel good about yourself?

If your life has been overshadowed by an addiction, trauma, or toxic shame, you are probably fighting with an invisible enemy; an enemy that is particularly difficult to vanquish: codependency.

Codependency is notoriously difficult to combat because there is no precise definition of the disorder. The signs and symptoms also differ for everyone. It is often mistaken for narcissism or other personality disorders that do not reflect the true situation.

Experts say that it is a pattern of behavior in which a person finds themselves dependent on someone else's approval for their self-esteem and identity.

People who suffer from this disorder tend to mask what they really feel. At other times, they are not even aware of what they are doing. This only serves to cloud the overall picture by delaying positive interventions, which, sometimes will never come.

I recommend that you listen to this audiobook if:

You are not aware of how you truly feel
You have difficulty identifying your feelings
You have difficulty expressing your feelings
You tend to minimize, modify, or even deny the reality of what you feel
You tend to worry and/or fear how others may respond to how you feel
You give power over your feelings to others

Act now before it's too late!

If a codependent denies his destructive behavior, he can pass it on to his children. If the child does not realize the behavioral model of the parents and its negative impact, it will generate the same patterns as an adult. An endless cycle can be established.

Commit to breaking this cycle and regain control of your life. Buy this book today.

Russell Newton
hr min
August 4
High Value Books Ltd

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