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Have anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, and negative thoughts kept you from living happily? Keep reading! 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psycho-social intervention therapy that aims to improve overall mental health and is instrumental in alleviating anxiety. DBT focuses on challenging and altering the unhelpful or harmful cognitive behaviors and distortions that can keep you from seeing the world in front of you as it really is. It can also improve emotional regulation and includes strategies for coping with the triggers that can bring your day to a standstill. 

Anxiety and BPD can have a profound effect on the way you live your life, the things you can achieve, and your relationships with people. Some disorders are so severe that getting out of bed in the morning can seem like a Herculean feat. The secret, though, is that you don't have to let it be that way. Whether you have an intense phobia of the outside world, can't seem to get comfortable in social situations, or have intense panic attacks, DBT is about you.  

That's why this book will bring you: 

The reasons and mechanisms behind your struggles with disorders 
The reasons why your emotions are controlling you and not vice versa 
Clinically proven techniques to get you through the worst of your symptoms 
The tools to live a life free of unpredictable mood swings 
Better control over your anxiety, in spite of the world around you. 
What emotional regulation actually means and how to achieve it.  

Is there hope for someone like me? 

Even if your disorders and symptoms have left you feeling completely alone and like there is no way out, there is something that DBT and CBT can do for you. Take control of your symptoms and change things for the better. You no longer have to be a victim of your brain chemistry and processes!

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M.J. Blehart
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January 14
Miguel Russell