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Collins Spanish with Paul Noble combines an exciting new, nontraditional approach to language learning with the easy, relaxed appeal of an audio-only product. No books. No rote memorisation. No chance of failure.

Paul Noble is a genius with a higher IQ than Einstein. Despite this, he still struggled with language learning at school. He found himself feeling 'confused, incapable and unable to really say anything'. As a result of his negative early experiences, Paul has come up with a groundbreaking new method of language teaching that removes the need for months of studying. With Paul Noble, everyone really can speak a language.

Part 3 of the course covers:

Vocabulary for conversing with a pharmacist or doctor
Practice and revision
Mexican and Castilian pronunciation
Future and past tense

Two native-speaking Spanish experts help Paul to deliver the course and to perfect your pronunciation in both Latin American and Iberian Spanish. No complicated grammatical explanations, no rote memorisation, no writing - no stress. Learn over 6,000 words in no time at all, and - most importantly - learn how to make your new vocabulary work for you. (Use the accompanying booklet as a reference and revision tool.)

Paul Noble
hr min
March 25
HarperCollins Publishers Limited

Customer Reviews

chreescldwll ,

A bit disappointed

So I am almost through with this third part of the series. I was pretty impressed with the first two sets so I decided to keep going. His method is great but what you walk away with as far as knowledge isn't. For example, I know how to ask for a ticket for a train, how to say "you must pay a supplement" (who uses that term?) , and how to book a double room at a hotel, but don't know how to say I'm hungry lol or I'm tired. Very basic things that he hasn't presented as of yet. So that part has been slightly frustrating.

I also hate that with this CD, he's chosen to focus more on European Spanish instead of Latin American. I know there aren't many differences, but he takes up a significant amount of time with things I'll never use since I live in Texas closer to Latin America.

Overall I've enjoyed the series. It does give you a good foundation as far as sentence formation, etc. but you walk away with a VERY limited vocabulary. More geared toward a tourist wanting to learn Spanish rather than every day life/ conversational Spanish.

Teflonthadon ,

Excellent structure

I've used all sorts of language learning software. This one is really good for one reason. The hearing of native speakers helps a lot with pronounced words and understanding

Monique Esparza ,

Very easy

Easy to understand what he is teaching you

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