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Tap into the life force to deepen your emotional and spiritual experience and realize your full potential with this transformative book by the New York Times bestselling authors of The Tools (and the resident shrinks on Goop).

In The Tools, Barry Michels and Phil Stutz revolutionized the world of personal growth and self-actualization by offering doable, dynamic actions that transformed challenges into opportunities for change. Now, in Coming Alive, they provide four vital tools for tapping into the Life Force that resides within each of us—a wellspring of positive energy that is the source of creativity, renewal, confidence, and engagement.

The first step in gaining mastery over one’s life is identifying the enemy within, which Michels and Stutz have named Part X. This formidable adversary is a shape-shifter—it may be the voice in your head that is a torrent of negativity, persuading you of the futility of finding love, starting a business, or pursuing a creative passion; it may sap you of energy, convincing you that your inner resources are limited; it may take the form of outside forces that conspire against you. In whatever guise it appears, Part X aims to derail your progress, keep you small and stuck, and defeat hope.

The tools in Coming Alive help you connect to the Life Force and harness the energy and will to combat Part X. These are tools of ascendance—they activate your aspirational self; they spark creativity and resilience; they help you to transcend the mire of negative thoughts and circumstances and align with a powerful ally that unites us in our common desire to live lives of meaning and engagement.

Drawing insights from their decades of psychotherapeutic practice, their lived experience, and their moving and generous understanding of our interconnectedness, Michels and Stutz have created a paradigm-shifting guide to achieving optimal mental health and spiritual well-being.

Includes a bonus PDF with images from the book.

Advance praise for Coming Alive

“There is something indescribably beautiful about living life in integrity. The tools Barry and Phil teach in Coming Alive gave me the courage and clarity to align myself with the truth—no matter how hard or painful it seemed at the time.”—Gwyneth Paltrow

“What a gift! A riveting exploration of four (bone-chillingly relatable) modern ailments and their thrillingly practical solutions . . . Singular in its approach and deeply spiritual in its concerns, Coming Alive is a book I’ll be pressing on friends and foes alike.”—Maria Semple, author of Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Barry Michels
hr min
August 22
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Customer Reviews

Nick Namerman ,

This Review is not Here

“The Tools” preceded this deeper dive into the ideas developed by Doctors Phil Stutz and Barry Michels and, having been acquainted with the ideas addressed in both books it never occurred to me to read a review, positive or otherwise. I knew that any opinion of the The Tools - and now this powerful addition - is not worth writing or reading unless the reviewer has shut down his critical ability to dedicate at the very least ninety days to practicing the ideas introduced.
I can connect many of the powerful surges forward in my life directly to the practice of the tools addressed in both of these books.
I can also say - without reservation and with complete humility - that my testimony regarding this book has far more value than that of the most perceptive, open minded reviewer who who has not practiced the work and felt the powerful connections to something far more powerful and, happily, benevolent.
Buy the book. It will cost you far more to do otherwise.

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