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The men of Twisted Steel are great with their hands.

And they're not afraid to get dirty.

Mick Roberts, the newest partner at Twisted Steel's custom hotrod and motorcycle shop, looks like a man with everything. But secretly he still craves the connection he lost when his best friend Adam and the love of his life Jessilynn walked out. Then, he wasn't ready for the pleasure they promised. Now, things have changed.

Rich, powerful, and insatiable, Adam Gulati is used to getting what he wants. And there's nothing he wants more than Mick and Jessi. He hasn't seen either in over a year, but the second he sets eyes on them again his memories-and his desires-can't be denied.

After trying to live without them, Jessi Franklin realized no one else can satisfy her like Adam and Mick. The three of them need one another-in more ways than one. It's time to stop pretending and submit to the hunger they all share. But once they go down this road, there's no turning back. As deeply devoted as they are, no one knows what great bliss their forbidden fantasy will find-or the price they may pay . . .

Sasha Dunbrooke
hr min
December 8
Hachette Audio

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glhince ,

my favorite match of the series, as the emotion and affection between them was palpable.

Audio Book Review
Stars: Overall 4 Narration 2 Story 4

The third in Lauren Dane’s Ink & Chrome series brings Jessi back to the Twisted Steel garage, and opens up a whole new line of possibilities for Adam and Mick. Jessi has known Mick since she was five, and loved him just as long, despite his own deep seated issues. We know Mick from his appearances in earlier books, and understand the very apparent lack of family support and approval that he’s living with. Jessi met and dated Adam in high school, and being a woman who is very much about her friends and those she loves, brought Mick into that relationship and the three were quickly inseparable. Of course, friendship morphed into more, and the three had a very complicated relationship until family and society tore them apart.
Now, they are all grown up and Jessi realizes that she LOVES both men, and can’t believe that she can’t have it all.

What I missed here was a deeper explanation / reveal of the backstory that was their early relationship. It would have removed the more salacious feel that came from the insta-love vibe in the story had the unique aspects of their history had been shown. Jessi is by far, the standout in this story: a woman so determined and full of love that she’s willing to buck convention, ignore reactions from friends and family and be there just to LOVE. You have to admire someone so determined in her own personal space to withstand and convince the men to dare to take this chance with her.

Oh the conversations were wonderful, and both Adam and Mick are highlighted and show growth in themselves, their own strength and their devotion to one another. It did have humor and poignancy mixed neatly in the story, alleviating the ‘what if’ moments that could have come from their early separation. I think this is my favorite match of the series, as the emotion and affection between them was palpable.

Narration is again provided by Sasha Dunbrooke, and as with the two earlier titles in the series her development of distinct voices that feels appropriate to the moment or for the character could have used more consideration. Distinct voices, inflections and delivery styles are needed to keep the story straight in listener’s minds, and often the voices of Mick and Adam were interchangeable during the story. Throughout the series, the voices are rather indistinct, and the exuberant puppy approach to developing or demonstrating emotion didn’t always work to best effect for me.

I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.