Command & Care Series Box Set, Volumes 4-6: M/M Daddy Romance (Unabridged) Command & Care Series Box Set, Volumes 4-6: M/M Daddy Romance (Unabridged)

Command & Care Series Box Set, Volumes 4-6: M/M Daddy Romance (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $21.99

Publisher Description

Need more hot Daddies and their loving boys from the Command & Care series? Then grab volumes 4-6 now for more steamy Daddy listens!

Step Daddy

Kit has two questions: When did he start becoming attracted to men? And why does that man have to be his stepbrother?

When Kit’s mom married Gareth’s dad, six years and zero interest in each other existed between them. But that all changes when Kit starts noticing what a cool guy Gareth is. A bit of hero worship sets in, but that’s the extent of his feelings toward his brother. 

Or so he thinks… 

Gareth never paid much attention to the little brother he inherited when his Dad got remarried. The kid was nice enough, but whatever. He had plenty of fascinating activities to capture his attention—the type of activities that a teen becoming a man hides from his family. 

After a stint in the Marines and a growing career in Motocross, Gareth has set himself up nicely in Vegas. All his favorite pursuits are at his fingertips. And as much as he loves racing bikes, he loves his downtime as a respected Daddy Dom even more.

One night, Gareth is stunned when his younger brother shows up at his door unannounced. He’s even more shocked at how much Kit has grown in all the best ways possible. How will he keep his greedy hands off his hot stepbrother?

If only Kit didn’t need his help so badly, maybe Gareth would stand a chance…

Diva Pop

Recipe for disaster: Combine one bratty, high-heeled boy band star with a strict, legendary manager who also happens to be a Daddy Dom. Stir briskly. Then stand back and wait for the explosion. 

A meltdown of epic proportions is only the beginning when Silas James takes over the management duties of dance music sensation, Three Trick Pony. The band’s superstar status is in question thanks to lead singer Jett’s diva attitude. Silas would love to get Jett alone and give him a hearty spanking. Trouble is, he’d like to do plenty of other kinky things to the femme boy as well. 

Jett can’t believe his record company hired the biggest a*****e he’s ever met to manage the band. Who does the gorgeous f--k think he is, telling the great Jett Creed what to do? No worries. He’ll get the jerk in bed then have him wrapped around his pinkie finger in no time. This Silas character might think he’s being cool, but Jett can tell when a man is panting after a femme boy who can work it in lingerie and high heels.

But what if Silas is the one who has all the tricks up his sleeve?

Pretty Puppy

Breaking Daddy Lee’s heart wasn’t intentional, but Ash has paid the price in misery ever since. Surely, a teensy little lie and a bit of scheming to get Lee back won’t backfire…

Ash first met Daddy Lee when he was a young pup and just beginning his kink journey. If only he hadn’t been so flighty and full of himself, he could’ve seen what a rare treasure he had in the handsome older Dom. But now that Ash is back in town, he’s determined to make Lee’s heart go pitter-patter again by being the best doggone boy ever.

Five years ago, luxury resort owner, Lee Petrovsky, fell too hard and fast for the pretty Asher Griffin. Ever since then, he’s resolved to seek out only older, more mature boys. There’s only one problem—no one has ever crushed the walls of steel around his heart the way Ash did. That doesn’t mean he’d ever take him back, though.

John Solo
hr min
December 8
Knight Ever After Publishing LLC