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So you’ve been dating, engaged, living in or in a cozy courtship phase but not married yet? Of course, you want the relationship to work and take a step down the altar! However, what should you communication strategy be during this phase? How should you tackle potentially tricky and awkward questions and discussions to know whether your partner is perfect spouse material without offending them? How do you talk marriage without sounding pushy or get your commitment-phobic partner to commit? How to talk about clashing goals and objectives without creating conflicts and living in harmony? You’ll know about all this and more in this handy communication resource for couples who aren’t married yet.

The courtship or dating phase is the foundation of your relationship. It is the first step toward forming a rewarding and fulfilling future association. Words and other nonverbal signals have the power to help the relationship either flourish or break down completely. 

One of the biggest reasons for a breakdown in today’s relationships is lack of communication or connection. People have lost the ability to connect with their partners through conscious, thoughtful, and meaningful communication. When things go slightly awry, instead of attempting to mend it through communication, we take the easy route and simply give up! Why didn’t your past relationships lead to marriage or a stronger lifelong commitment? What was the primary reason for a breakdown in the relationship? More often than not, lack of communication! Lack of communication can wreak havoc in our life by causing misunderstandings. 

Even a few wrong, insensitive, or ill-timed words have the power to destroy the relationship. Both verbal and nonverbal signals can be misinterpreted, misquoted, or extrapolated or prove inadequate. Sometimes our attitude, actions, or silence may unknowingly convey a message that is not intended. 

Discover the little-known secrets and strategies about communicating with your partner during the courtship phase to optimize your chances of being in a more harmonious relationship. 

In the event that you fail to communicate your true feelings, emotions or thoughts effectively with your partner or speak plain lies or are unable to talk to them in a frank and open manner, you may not be able to accomplish favorable results or take the relationship ahead, which means another heartbreak and the pursuit of finding a potentially suitable mate all over again. Breaking up is painful and disastrous, especially if you are deeply emotionally invested in the relationship. 

This book will help you navigate the waters of communication in romantic relationships before marriage, to get you to that altar happy, thriving, and ready for the next step.

Brooke Pillifant
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July 27
Jennifer P. Hayes