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If you want to improve your couple communication by getting love that lasts, greater intimacy, and more closeness with less conflict, then keep reading.

Creating open lines of communication can do wonders when it is time to discuss with your partner, and when you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your relationship. Living a couple's life can be hard, and keeping things together can seem almost impossible in our modern and busy worlds.

In this guidebook, you will find that the communication skills and tips discussed will help your relationship become stronger.

Some of the topics discussed include:

Why do couples need to focus on communication?
Your body language and how that, along with other nonverbal communication, can influence how well communication goes with your partner.
How to communicate and be more empathetic with each other.
How to show your partner that you truly appreciate him/her.
How to add more intimacy with your partner and how that can strengthen your relationship.
How to work to develop better conversational skills.
What happens when a misunderstanding occurs between you and your partner (and it is something that will happen).
Practical exercises to try along with your partner in order to improve communication.

This audiobook also provides you with some of the best questions that you and your partner should discuss together, no matter what level of the relationship you are at.

Learn to deal with certain topics with your partner and learn to master conversation for a love that lasts.

Topics such as:

Opinions on health and fitness in the relationship.
How the other partner is going to feel about their parents and if there will be issues with boundaries and more.
Talking about the future and how to meet your goals.
Your dream job and how that can influence the future for both of you.
Questions about spending time together, being intimate, and about sex.
How to handle money together and to reconcile a spender and a saver in the same relationship
How the love languages can come into the relationship and can be different for each partner.
How to deal with communication issues that may show up in the relationship.
How to handle any of the disagreements and conflicts that will show up in the relationship at some point.
Talking about children, how many to have, and the best way to parent your children.
How to bring up and talk about marriage to help move the relationship into another level (if you haven’t reached there yet).

Building up good communication with your partner is critical if you want to make sure that you have a strong relationship where both of you feel valued and important.

Bobby Pierce
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June 28
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