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You are about to discover how to propel your career as an IT professional to the next level through getting some of the most demanded CompTIA certifications!

So you have your eye on that enviable Cyber Security career. Fair enough. It is an undisputable fact that IT Security offers one of the best career opportunities in the world.

The InfoSec Institute estimates that the current annual salary of the average Cyber Security Engineer is expected to be at $95,267. And the demand curve from Payscale.com plots a consistently rising curve. This simply means that Cyber Security Experts are in demand right now and will be well into the future.

But despite your ambitions, you may be asking yourself a few valid questions such as:

Where do I get started?
Which programs guarantee me the best career opportunities? 
Which programs will make me the most indispensable cyber security expert?
What positions do I hope to hold once I complete a certification? 
Which organizations are likely to have a huge demand of my skills?
What skills can I expect to acquire from a certification? 
What programs are in line with the career objectives I am pursuing?

And to help you answer these and other related questions, and provide you with more information on your career prospects, I introduce to you this 2-in-1 guide on how to leverage the power of certifications from the world’s number one authority on cyber security training - COMPTIA - to advance your career.

In this 2-in-1 guide, you will find information that includes but isn’t limited to:

Why getting a COMPTIA Certification is the key to a successful career in IT Security
The different COMPTIA Certification programs on offer and what you should expect to gain from each one
The most widely known certification program that every serious cyber security professional must undertake, and why
How COMPTIA Security + will teach you how to properly enforce a firewall that is able to filter traffic through effective methods such as packet filtering, source IP, IP Protocol ID, Fragmentation Flags, Application Filtering, Stateful Inspection, and more
Looking to work for the Telecommunications industry? Discover the two programs that you must undertake to qualify.
The one certification program that will instantly make you an expert Server Administrator who will be in demand in top corporations like CompuCom, CDW Computer Centers, and the like.
The 6 key areas of concern that every Cyber Security Expert must claim proficiency in
The different key positions you could expect hold once you get the COMPTIA Security + certification, including the benefits that come with it
The one certification that is so good, it has warranted endorsement by the U.S Department of Defense and met an ISO standard
Why being a Linux who has received the Linux + certification virtually guarantees you a job in the fast paced world of business
The one program that has been made an important part of Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, and HP training programs
And much more

Why take chances when you can get first-hand information from the world’s best trainer of security experts?

Why proceed with guesswork? Why waste time researching, when you could be investing that time gaining the specific competent skills that will make you a world class Cyber Security Expert?

You are right. There is no reason.

So get this audiobook now!

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