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There are too many books about self-defense and handguns, I know. I've seen and read a few of them. But one thing I noticed was lacking is how a gun can protect you in a self-defense situation. Most experts tell you what guns to buy, how to train with them, how to load them, and how to shoot them, but is that all you need to know? How do you find out when the time comes if you will be able to pull the trigger?

When I teach people about self-defense, I teach them about the ins and outs of handguns that are popular, how they work, and how to fix common issues. But I hope that is not why you would get this audiobook. I want to prepare you mentally and physically, and I want you to know all the laws that may affect you - along with making you a master of concealed carry where you are comfortable, confident, and will know when and how to use it if the time ever comes.

I never thought my education and training would be put to test until one fateful day when I found myself in the middle of a gang-related shootout situation where I did have to draw my gun and use it. Let’s just say, I was little faster. That situation taught me a lot about the legal system and the abuse that goes on in the government on an everyday basis. But the important thing is I survived through it, and it made me a better person, both as a human being and as an instructor who teaches self-defense through concealed carry.

Regardless of what you hear about declining crime rate, just remember the world population is growing at a much faster rate than the resources we survive on. When this happens, as you can imagine, more people will fight over the same resources than before. It won’t surprise me if there will be a day when it will be survival-of-the-fittest law, meaning who has more strength and power will win and have access to the resources.

I am not trying to scare you; we are not there yet. It may never happen. But what if it does? Should we be ready? I believe we should. So if you can learn some basic self-defense handgun skills and learn to protect yourself and your family, it won’t be such a bad thing, would it?

I tell my students, 97 percent of the people who carry guns will never have to use them on anyone, but it is there in case they ever need it. In my opinion, there is no harm in learning a new skill, especially if that skill can save lives.

Sam Werbung
hr min
December 14
Valencia Publishing House

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