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Part tell-all, part cautionary tale, this emotionally charged memoir from a former video vixen nicknamed 'Superhead' goes beyond the glamour of celebrity to reveal the inner workings of the hip-hop dancer industry—from the physical and emotional abuse that's rampant in the industry, and which marked her own life—to the excessive use of drugs, sex and bling.

Once the sought-after video girl, this sexy siren has helped multi-platinum artists, such as Jay-Z, R. Kelly and LL Cool J, sell millions of albums with her sensual dancing. In a word, Karrine was H-O-T. So hot that she made as much as $2500 a day in videos and was selected by well-known film director F. Gary Gray to co-star in his film, A Man Apart, starring Vin Diesel. But the film and music video sets, swanky Hollywood and New York restaurants and trysts with the celebrities featured in the pages of People and In Touch magazines only touches the surface of Karrine Steffans' life.

Her journey is filled with physical abuse, rape, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and single motherhood—all by the age of 26. By sharing her story, Steffans hopes to shed light on an otherwise romanticised industry and help young women avoid the same pitfalls she encountered. If they're already in danger, she hopes to inspire them to find a way to dig themselves out of what she knows first-hand
to be a cycle of hopelessness and despair.

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Karrine Steffans
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June 28

Customer Reviews

Candi31 ,

Lesson Learned

Confessions of a Video Vixen was a very interesting book. It's funny how people interpret things differently. When this book first came out everyone was so focus on how many people Karrine has been with and how she exploited them. I finally read/listen the book for myself and got something totally different. It was about experiences in her life that actually exploited herself. The main focus of the book was HER EXPERIENCES in life. She has been through a lot at a young age. She played the cards that were dealt to her and turned them into positives in her life today. She was alone out in the world and had to make way transforming from a teenager into an adult with a baby.

rayyysoph ,

Fun listen!

I listened to this on a road trip and was thoroughly entertained! Her story both shocked and moved me! Also of coarse I loved hearing the steamy bits and the gossip. It's not something to read if you are looking for the next great american novel, but if you want a quick read (or listen) that will keep you entertained, this is it.

LalaGurlie ,

I LOVE this book!

This book is great, Ive read it over 3 times! I listen to it while im at work and I never get tired of it. Karinne's story is so inspiring and interesting, you can NOT go wrong with this book, much better than the second one. I love it.

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